Why is lighting control a must have for your home security system?

If there is something that we especially like about home automation equipment it is lighting control. For a simple reason: lighting is capable of creating environments and scenes.

We do not need the same light when we are playing with our little ones as when we watch a movie, read a crime novel, or have dinner with our partner.

The intensity makes the difference in many cases, in the lighting as well. Thanks tLutron Installers NYChome automation equipment, we can control it and make our home a more pleasant place if possible. With this technology we can:

  • Turn off and on the lights in our home remotely
  • Check outside the house if we have turned off all the lights.
  • Turn them off remotely if we have forgotten that may increase the electricity bill.
  • Turn off all the lights in the house at the same time with a simple click.
  • Know the kws that we are consuming with the lights on in real-time.
  • Enable the bathroom light to turn on at a very low intensity when we get up at night.
  • Leave a light at low intensity in the children’s room to drive away fears.
  • Play with the color of the lights to create different environments.

These are some of the things we can do with Lutron Shades NYC home automation lighting and all from the same button.

The devices to control the Motorized Shades NJ system are varied. It can be a switch, a multi-push button, remote control, and, of course, a mobile phone or a tablet. No more going through all the rooms in the house, checking that the lights are properly off.

Some companies offer mobile applications to control lighting. Lutron Dealers CT is one of them. It offers innovative home automation equipment at affordable prices.

Lutron Lighting and Shades can efficiently integrate lighting control systems into the smart functions of the house, creating scenarios adapted to each situation. With a simple ‘click’ on our app, we can enjoy different settings – party, dinner, cooking, relaxing, and much more.

But for this to be a reality, it is necessary to add a home automation installation with controllers and sensors to our lighting circuit. The latter will be the ones that detect our presence when entering or leaving a room so that the light is turned on or off depending on the orders we have given to the system.

Imagine for a moment the savings this can bring. Especially if we are talking about large buildings, such as a hospital, a school, or an office block. Many lights can be left on without it being necessary.

So now you know, if you want your home to be filled with environments, one for each occasion, home automation is your solution.

Home security through the home automation system:

To make a home more comfortable, Lutron Shades CT home automation will allow our house to be watched. It will protect you, your family, and your most valuable assets. The system works through surveillance cameras and alarms that detect the presence of third parties.

Also, it can be integrated with the home automation system communications. The entire home automation system is controlled through technological devices such as a mobile phone, a tablet, or a computer, allowing you to receive notifications and information on the correct or incorrect operation of these services.

Home automation system accessibility:

At present, home automation systems offer a wide variety of functionalities aimed at better monitoring of these services. These systems are adapted to the needs of people since each one of us requires different services from telecare to accessories for people with disabilities that facilitate the use of these services in a simpler way.

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