“PROS” of automated shades

Everything evolves with the new technology, even window shading is in line on using the new system to control the ambiance of your house. A nice place to live in, where atmosphere in the house can be change in an instant. But what are motorized shades primary benefits? Why do you need it?

Automated shades for your window

Windows are one of the important part of the house, it can give you the view outside and sun light that pass through it. But if you want to control your privacy and brightness in your house then motorized shades is what you need. Automated shades are controlled by a remote, with just a click it can darken the room or vice versa. Now privacy can achieve with one click away.

“PROS” of automated shades

Why do you need an automated window shades? There are lots of window in your house that you cannot close the shading at one single time, but if it is automated with the click on your remote then it will be controlled automatically it can save you time and effort.

It can protect you from the inside. Automated window shades use a different kind of material that can block the lights to pass through it, that is why looking from the outside will be very vague as well. It can change the ambiance of the house from too much sunlight during day to having dim light even if it is day time.

You must know that motorized shades have primary benefits that you will dream of for your house go on and avail this trendy system to lutronlightingandshades.com where automated window shades are available and with lots of designs and colors.

“Let there be light”- What does it mean?

Control the light with just one click of your hand, easy and convenient way that home owner like you desire. Light is what the house need, every corner has a light to make you see in the dark and to secure the house as well. But if you have a mansion, it will be difficult to turn on the light manually, luckily automatic lighting was invented. But the question is. “What is Automatic lighting control?”

What is Automatic Lighting Control?

It is a system where in the lights on your house can be controlled automatically. It can be wired or a wireless system that can turn on and off the lights in an instant. It can be controlled with the use of an application that can be installed on your mobile phones or even tablets. You can control the light at what time it will be open, in which area of the house it will be turn on and off as well.

Why do I need Automatic Lighting Control?

If you have a big house and turning on and off the light will be too exhausted, then there is a need for you to have an automatic control on your lights. When your family will be on a vacation and no one is at home, automatic lights will help you secure the house by turning the lights automatically on a given set of time. Intruders will think that someone is at home.

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Customizing your window shades to match your room

An elegant style of living, a luxurious way of controlling and living on your precious home. Most elegant and modernized houses use window shades that suits the style of their house well. But you have to choose window shades based on design, light control and energy efficiency as well. It is very important to customized your window shades to match your room and retain its class and style.

What are window shades?

Windows are made of glass that is why everything can be seen from the outside and too much light entering the house is an eye sore. With the use of window shades it can now be controlled and you will also be given the privacy that you need. With the use of a remote, the window shades can now be controlled automatically you do not have to reach the highest window just to put curtains and block your glass window.

Customize the window shades

Choose the window shades that suit your house style and elegance. There are available colors and designs of the shades that you can choose from just make sure it will make your house prettier and more elegant. The design must suit the shape of your window and the style of your house and appliances so it will match and looks classy. Choose the window shade that is easy to control and can conserve energy as well.

It is good to improve your house with installing new technology like the window shades just choose shades based on design, light control and of course it must be energy efficiency. lutronlightingandshades.com is the site you can visit to avail and learn more about the window shades that you desire.

Ambiance with a touch of a button

Most of the things nowadays can be controlled automatically, with the use of the new technology anything is possible. It can help your living to be fast and easy with the control of your hand and a system. Now you can achieve full atmosphere control with a lighting controller. Your house set will be change and the ambiance will differ with a touch of a button.

Lighting Controller

With a use of a system, you can now control the lights in your house whenever and wherever you are. A smart way that automatically turn on and off your light at any time you set it. It also can give you the right amount of light on the right time of the day and it can be control anywhere on the part of the house. Even in your garage, porch, basement, living room anywhere just in line with the system.

Benefits of Lighting Controller

This new trend on house living, a stand-alone control of lighting was widely use because of the benefits it can give to a home owner like you. Security purposes is one of it, if you are away from home and no one is there to turn the lights on, just control it with the system with the use of tablets or mobile phones then your house will be illuminated. It can also help you to conserve energy that will cost you less on electric bills. It is very convenient to use and eco-friendly as well.

Full atmosphere control with lighting controller can now be done thanks to the new technology. If you want to install this system, you may visit the site lutronlightingandshades.com for more information.

Motorized Window Shades-Luxurious Way of Living

Control everything in an instant, with the use of a remote part of your will be moved. A new trend in house facilities that involve the use of technology, the use of motorized window shades. A luxurious way of living but you must remember the choices to make when considering motorized window shades.

Motorized Window Shades

A window covering which is a shade that was made with a single piece of soft material that covers the window and block the light to pass through. Using the new technology this window shades can now be moved automatically, it is now using devices that you can make it move with just a click of your finger to the remote. Most wealthy family use this that reflects and describe their well-being in the society.

Choose the best

Motorized window shades make the homeowners to have their privacy at home and control the amount of light the is passing through their window. But to give you the best benefits, you must also choose the best window shades and how to do that? Of course, you must be aware first on the price that you want, the more expensive it is, the best quality is what you get. Be aware as well with the installation and how it will be done and use. And if you have the available power to accommodate the modernization in your window.

It is better to have choices to make when considering motorized window shades, there are lots of options that you can make in deciding on which window shade you are going to buy. Visit the site lutronlightingandshades.com if you want to avail the best motorized window shades for your home.

Automatic Lighting Control System – The Perfect Life Line for Every Office

Almost every new house would have at least one home automation system in place. The major reasons for this increase in the number of houses having automation systems are that the cost of these systems have come down and that these systems have become very much maintenance free when compared to the systems available a few years ago. For a start, installing an automatic lighting control system would be a wise decision.

What is an automatic lighting control system?

This is basically a system that allows the residents to control the lights in the house from a central location in the house. There would be a remote control that would allow the users to control the lights as well. Also there would be sensors that detects if there are people in a room. So if there is no one in the room and if a light is switched ON, then the light would be automatically switched OFF.

These systems would also be able to work with other systems like the security system. So if an intruder arrives, the security system would be able to make the lighting system to switch ON particular lights without the need for manual intervention.

The advantages:

The most important advantage is that the electricity bills would be reduced by a large margin. Also there would reduction in the energy usage, which would make the office into a more eco -friendly one. the life of the lights that are used would increase because the ON time would be controlled by only switching the lights ON when they are required. Every one from kids to aged people in a house would be able to control the lights.

Experience The Convenience Of Motorized Shades

The popularity of home automation systems has gone up by leaps and bounds. The credit for this goes to the developments in the field of science and technology. The price tags on these systems have also reduced by huge margins. This means that now even middle class people would be able to afford these home automation systems. Also maintenance needs have also come down when it comes to these systems. If you are a starter when it comes to home automation then the best option to start with would be to install motorised shades on the windows.

Buy the shades from a reputed seller:

When it comes to buying a system of motorized blinds make sure that you go to a reputed seller. This is because only then would you be able to ensure that repairs would be carried out when maintenance is required. Also such a seller would frequently check on your system for any faults so that nothing bad happens. There are numerous online stores that you can purchase from. but make sure that you buy genuine equipment because there are numerous sites that sell duplicate ones.

Choose the right design and colour:

The shades should be of the right design or else the whole room would look dull. They should be the right colour so that all the interior stuff of the room matches with the shades.

The equipment like the motor and the wires need to be enclosed inside the railing. In other words, the equipment should not be visible to the outside or else the attractiveness of the room would be damaged. Sensors that would sense the presence of external light and would allow for automatic lifting of the shades.

Automatic Light Control Solutions – The Top Five Benefits

Home automation has come a long way in the past few years. Technology has developed by a large margin and hence the systems available nowadays are all of high quality and also they do not need frequent maintenance. Also the price of these systems have come down by a fair margin. This has made these systems affordable to even the middle class. And when it comes to the automations systems that are the most popular, the light controls are right up there. The reason for this is the benefits that automatic light controls bring with them.

Save electricity:

Automatic controls ensure that the lights would only be switched ON when there is something in the room. Hence unwanted usage of electricity would be avoided at all times. This would thereby reflect on the bills.

Environment friendly:

The less use of environment means making the house more environment friendly. In this generation where pollution and over usage of energy are the worst problems, it is important to be environment friendly.

The equipment would last longer:

Since the light bulbs are only used when they are required, there would be considerable reduction in the ON time of the bulbs. This would thereby increase the life time of the bulbs.

Work together with other systems:

When it comes to automatic lighting controls, they can work together with other automation systems in the house like the security system. The sensors too can work together with other systems.

A centralised control:

The automatic controls would have a centralized nature. This means that the residents of the house would be able to control the lights from a central location. In most cases, there would be a remote to control the lights as well.

Motorized Shades in New York City – Manhattan Luxury Becomes Necessity

Home automation has gained a lot of popularity among all classes of people who wish to modify their homes. The reason is that the costs of these systems have come down quite a bit and also the maintenance requirements are low. The credit goes to the developments in the fields of science and technology. The most common types of automation systems are motorized shades, automatic lighting, etc. As a start installing motorized shades for your windows and openings would be a good choice. But there are few things that need to be considered.

Buy from a reputed shop:

The most important thing is that you buy from a shop or seller whom you can trust. You need to make sure that if some maintenance needs arises as far as the motorized shades are concerned, the seller provides personnel to carry out the repair works. There are numerous online stores from where you can buy such a system. Before choosing the store to buy from, make sure that you read reviews written by previous customers who have already bought from the store.

The equipment:

The motor used in the systems should have sufficient power or else the shades would not be able to be raised or lower as quick as required. Another thing to take care of is that the wires and all the equipment should be concealed behind the shades or else the whole appearance of the window would be compromised.


Buying and installing a motorized shade system would be quite easy if you keep the things mentioned above in mind. Sites like lutronlightingandshades.com can be of great help when it comes to choosing such a system.

A Quick Primer on Lighting Control Systems

Home automation is one field that has developed quite drastically in the past few years. These days, finding a home that doesn’t have some sort of automation is a very difficult task. The problems associated with home automation are that the price would be high and also the need for maintenance would be high. But these were problems of the past. Now the prices have come down and also the quality of the systems have improved by large proportions. In fact most systems available these days do not maintenance in their entire lives. And an automatic lighting system is perhaps the most commonly installed automation system.

Buy from a reputed seller:

Home automation aims at making your daily lives easier by doing some things for you. And when it comes to a lighting control system, one must be careful about the place where he or she purchases it from. the seller should also provide personnel to install the system. Also if some maintenance requirement arises, the seller should provide experienced personnel to take care of the maintenance works.

The advantages:

The most important advantage is that the electricity bill can be reduced by a large factor. Also the light bulbs would last longer since they would only be used for lesser periods of time. Reduction in bills refers to reduction in energy consumption. This makes the house into an environment friendly one. The lighting system would be able to work together with other systems like security systems in order to enhance the performance.


If you are planning to install a Home automation system, then an automatic lighting system would be a good bet. There are sites like lutronlightingandshades.com that would be quite helpful.