Why Get Motorized Blinds?


Do you remember the feeling when someone would open the door for you? Well, this is somewhat similar when you have a smart home. Having motorized blinds with auto-response triggers tend to give you a warm welcome when that first sunlight hits the room. Slowly, it welcomes you to that warmth of the day.

Time Saver

Whether you are handicapped or a just someone that is time constraint, you can appreciate having control on these motorized shades. In truth, the time that takes up to manually roll-up a shade doesn’t really take that long. However, if you are the type that is always in a rush – that 10 seconds, allocated to one window blind, is valuable. Consider this, when you have more blinds to furl.


Nowadays, people greatly value convenience in their daily activities. Motorized blinds contribute to ease one’s day by taking care of this basic thing. It allows you to get the right amount of sunlight every day. It reduces the need for you to fiddle and adjust it every time. You can even enjoy your cozying up to your bed a few minutes longer in the day.

Modernized Luxury

In the era where technology is almost spotted everywhere, this simply blends into it. This modernized design accents the space in such a way that reflects luxury. Having to witness this capability just gives you the “wow” factor. It not only attracts people, but also educates the community about the innovations in today’s generation.

Remote Privacy

Whether you are just heading out of the shower with a towel on your head or just about to tuck in bed, this technology can give you immediate privacy without having to come up by the window and risk of exposing yourself. By controlling motorized blinds to close whenever you wish using a remote or even through voice control, you can be sure that it gets the job done.

From Standard Hotel Rooms to Smart Hotel Rooms

Did you know?

There are intelligent ways to control heating, ventilation, air conditioning and including the light system to minimize energy consumption. The use of these equipment contributes greatly to operational costs. By integrating a smart technology in these aspects, hotel operators can easily perform better climate control and lighting adjustments.

Imagine the possibility of:

  • The system being able to detect the right temperature needed based on the occupancy of the area with motion sensors; or
  • For air conditioning systems to be able to determine the right amount of air flow with the temperature in order to deliver comfortable working conditions; or
  • Lighting systems to automatically switch on the first time with the right dim based on the time of day, reducing the need for occupants to always configure them; or even perhaps
  • Automatically turning off lights where there are no occupants for a long period.

These all help reduce energy waste, which is equivalent to cost. The capability to monitor such activities with smart technology is not only applied to hotel rooms, but even to other spaces of the building; like the lobbies, spa, dining areas, stockrooms, and many more. It is even applicable with outside lounges, and gardens.

Now that you know…

The advantage of these types of technology poses more benefits that you can imagine. It allows you to take care of your space in the smartest way possible without having to roam around and investigate each one. The program setup of these components will not just be tied to one configuration. It may be modified to adapt to different locations, seasonal periods, new room requirements, schedules, etc. The activity tracking system can even serve as inputs to predictive setups to have better performance.

In the long run, there can only be improvements that can be expected because it is the nature of human thinking. We think better ways to make our lives easier, to transform complex tasks into simple tasks so that we can dedicate in thinking other problems to solve.


Motorized Blinds to Accentuate your Smart Home

What are Motorized Blinds?

A motorized blind is also known as a smart shade, which can be installed to your home. These blinds can be controlled with the right smartphone app, and sometimes with additional device components to extend its reach in the area.

Smart shades are wireless, which means that it can be controlled remotely. The installation may even allow linkage to voice controllers like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomeKit.

With such remote capability, you should be able to control the shades anywhere in the room. Exploring the smart shade further, it can be linked to a phone. This way, you can uncover possibilities to setup triggers which can automatically signal the motorized blinds to give you cover or exposure. The triggers can be made by putting up a schedule. Say you’d like a morning light by 7am? Done. Say you’d prefer a private room? Done. The smart shade is built to accommodate and deliver high tech wonder at home.

What is the performance that you should look for?

It is a important that smart shades are non-obstructive. This means that the motors should operate quietly and smoothly to the point where you should not feel bother that it is furling or expanding. It is also ideal that the batteries can last for more than two years before replacement. You would not want a motorized blinder that does not work when you need to. Immediate response to commands is highly desired as well as low energy consumption.

How can it fit with the style in my house?

The ideal product should surely be aesthetically pleasing and customizable. Especially, if you are aiming for a modern look in your home. It should not only be able to add elegance, but also functions as what shades should be. Whether it is a design that is a roller or honeycomb style, aesthetics plays a factor to be able to blend in the space.

How much should I pay for it?

To be realistic, the price of motorized blinds is expensive, but there are still designs in the market that is affordable if you are the type that is willing to invest in building a smart home. The product should speak well for its price. With such functions and price value, the quality should be second to none.

The Good, the Better and the Best traits of Lighting Control System

Good Traits of Lighting Control

Good lighting design needs to be taken into consideration at office spaces. It affects how people function at work. Proper lighting boosts motivation to work. It complements the human eye to withstand long hours of being inside the desk space, working with a computer. On the other hand, insufficient lighting can be irritating. It makes us feel tired because our eyes are compensating to the environment.

With today’s lighting control solutions, we can utilize energy efficiently. More so, reduce costs.

Better Traits of Lighting Control

The lighting control systems form an environment wherein the device components produce an intelligent setting. The presence of light control functions with sensors to adjust lighting for a specific space. The lights open when someone is arrives and are closed when everybody has left. This way, no light energy is wasted.

In another situation, within meeting rooms – if somebody chooses to conduct a presentation, the proper light use is arranged. Certain lighting areas may automatically shut off in order to see what is being projected, while other areas are dimmed to provide enough light for those that may need to write their notes.

Best Traits of Lighting Control

Lighting systems may even be controlled with voice commands. The capability of wireless communication already presents a high-tech design that one would be happy to have. Aside from its individual function, light control systems can be assembled with other similar systems or even with other smart devices. With several lighting position, one would be able to easily manage lighting in different quadrants of the office space.

Another area could be an integration with motorized blinds. When the blinds are down, the lighting could switch on and vice-versa when the shades are up. This allows us to utilize the amount of sunlight that is present for the day.

The lighting system can also apply to outdoor lighting like company signages or even building lights.

What more can you ask for?

Types of Window Treatments: Motorized Blinds, Shades and Others

Window treatments entail window modification and covering towards enhancing aesthetics in the room. There are different type of treatments you can use for your windows. The treatment types are discussed subsequently.

Hard Treatment

This type of treatments is manufactured from vinyl, wood or other hard materials. Example of hard treatment includes motorized blinds that are used for automatically closing and opening the windows. There are also Window shades that are made from fabric with the ability to fold, stack or roll. The earlier shades can only be viewed through after rolling up the shades, however, there are some recent ones that have view-through feature. Wood shutters such as poly resin shutters and wood shutters as well as windows blinds such as aluminium blinds, faux wood blinds and wooden blinds are other examples of hard treatment for windows.

Soft Treatment

Soft treatments entail the window treatments that are manufactured from soft materials such as Drapery and curtains. They can be used to cover up the window when the need arises. They can also be shifted aside or rolled up for ventilation or lighting purposes. They provide aesthetics to the window and the room. When rolled down, they provide privacy and security.

Around window treatments

There are some treatments that are available for round the window such as German Fensterverdachung, Window Valance, Cornice board or pelmet as well as molding (which are used for decorative purposes).

Glass treatments

You can also add some treatments to the glass to either made it more beautiful or for to make it less transparent. Examples of treatments that you can apply directly to your glass include stained glass, smart glass and frosted glass. The stains and frosts could serve as nice designs on your glass, while providing your room some direct cover.

Benefits of Intelligent Lighting for Commercial Buildings

If you have a commercial building, you might be wondering if you should stick between the traditional lighting types and intelligent lighting control. Just from the names and knowing that technology continues to improve on a daily basis. This article will highlight specific reasons why intelligent lighting is better for commercial buildings.

Advertisement and aesthetics

A major advantage of using intelligent lighting for commercial buildings is for advertisement purposes. The use of LED lighting to display your name on signs and in more recent times, the use of smart lighting to create aesthetics on building can come in handy. At night, you can make your building stand out by using intelligent animated lighting to beautify your building. This is especially being used by hotels, clubs and other organizations that are active at night. However, other general companies are also quickly catching in as people will be able to see the buildings in the night and will want to find out what happens in the building. If they finally confirm that what happens in the building is what interests them, you might have just gained a new customer. A lot of people love beautiful lighting. This is apart from the fact that most people are attracted to lighting because of their importance and significance.

Saves money

Another benefit of using intelligent lighting in your commercial building is that it can save you a lot of money in different forms. There have been issues where companies have been burnt down because a switch was left on. With intelligent lighting, you can automatically shut down all bulbs and sockets once it is the official time that the company closes. The sockets could automatically come up in the morning when it is resumption time. This way, you are always sure that the sockets and lighting are off when they should be off.

General information about Motorized Vinyl Blinds

If you are considering buying motorized vinyl blinds, you would want to know about the blind type and what to expect. This article will provide some general information about Vinyl Blinds.

Vinyl blinds vs Metal blinds

The closest other type of blinds that you can compare to vinyl blinds is the metal blinds. They do exactly the same job that Vinyl blinds now do. However, vinyl blinds have 2 major advantages that metal blinds do not have. The first is that vinyl blinds do not react to moisture. They do not rust as is the case with metal when exposed to water. Furthermore, there is the risk of metal blinds cutting your fingers because they are very strong and often sharp. However, this risk is significantly minimal compared in vinyl blinds.


Cleaning is very important as we want our blinds to always look neat. They should also not pose a threat that will encourage dust and other form of dirt that could cause sneezing and other illnesses. It is very easy to clean vinyl blinds compared to most other types of blinds. For instance, when it comes to cleaning fabric blinds, you will have to take them off and wash them. For Vinyl blinds, you can just wipe it with a soft wet rag.


Vinyl blinds does a great job in covering your room. This implies that you will have your privacy when you use this type of blinds. This will also help to improve security for your home since people who are trying to survey the state of your room before coming to rob will not have such opportunity.


Vinyl blinds are the most affordable types of blinds when compared to other types of blinds. Thus, if you are on a budget, vinyl blinds are a great option for you.

Sensor Lighting Systems Exposed

Fumbling for the light switch in a dark room is something we have all encountered at some point in our lives. It becomes a safety hazard especially if you are in an unfamiliar place or have just woken up from sleep. Sensor lighting systems help us avoid these situations as they detect motion within their preset range and automatically turn on the lights.

The Sensor Lighting System uses individual sensors that detect fast physical movement.  This action uses infrared energy, sound waves or microwaves to ascertain whether there is movement. It activates the illuminating device upon detection.

Advantages and Types of Sensor Lighting Systems

The multiple roles that sensor lighting systems can play in our lives cannot be underestimated.  They are not mere mechanisms of convenience but play significant roles in our homes and offices.  Automated lighting allows for convenience and savings in both home and office.  Lights left open in unused rooms will definitely up the electric bill and is an unnecessary depletion of natural resources.

Security is also a reason why we get automated lighting systems. Home and office alarms can be equipped with motion sensors to trigger illumination during off-hours, alerting people of the possibility of intruders.  Sensor lighting can improve safety by ensuring that naturally dark pathways are automatically lit when movement is detected, deterring accidents.

Sensor lighting is also aesthetic.  We can dim or brighten lights with smart lighting systems and contribute to ambience and mood. Sensor lighting has played roles in entertainment venues and creative settings playing part in production and staging.

Enlist the Service of a Specialist

When considering a Sensor Lighting System for your home or business, it is recommended that you hire a professional company to maximize function and ensure quality.  Everybody loves a good Do-It-Yourself project, but when safety and security are at stake, we leave it to the specialists.

Choose a company with a known track record like Lutron Shades and Lightning who have been in the business for over 30 years.  You can be sure that all angles of your premises are considered maximizing the benefits of your budget for an automated lighting system.

The Edge Motorized Blinds Give Our Homes

Windows serve many purposes in our homes and offices from ventilation, natural lighting to cosmetic appeal.  Together with these apertures come an array of window treatments, most popular of which are blinds which are an attractive and practical way to protect the interiors and adds to the overall cosmetic appeal. But do we really have to opt-out of traditional pull and tug draperies instead of motorized blinds? Here are some reasons why we should consider automating our window blinds.

5 Advantages of Motorized Blinds


Having to manually open and close, raise and lower the blinds in all your windows at different times in a day is a hassle. And let’s be honest, there are times we either leave them alone it’s just too tedious.  Automation will enable you to adjust blinds with a central control system in the palm of your hand.

Energy Savings and Home Comfort

When you can adjust your blinds remotely, you can control natural light and the amount of heat that is filtered into your home.  This will result in your air conditioning and central heating system working more efficiently. You can even install sunlight sensors on motorized blinds to automatically close them.

Security, Safety and Privacy

The regular movement of blinds in homes will deter intruders as it will appear that someone is at home.  You can preset motorized blinds together through your home automation system when you travel. Being cordless, it makes tripping accidents lesser.  Privacy is also protected as you do not have to go near a window to manipulate the blinds.


Motorized blinds will provide ample protection to interior furnishings especially those that are situated near windows that are constantly exposed to the midday sun.


The streamlined look of motorized blinds adds to interior appeal.  Unlike manually adjusted blinds, these automated window treatments are uniformly arranged by the smooth motion of the mechanism.

A Worthwhile Investment

As a homeowner, you make a significant investment in building and furnishing your home.  The true value of motorized blinds is that they do provide significant practical and aesthetic benefits that will improve your quality of life.  Engaging a professional company such as Lutron Shades and Lighting will ensure top-quality installation and automation. Their 30 years of experience in the industry is a testament to their enduring standards.

Energy conservation with HVAC and automatic lighting systems in the hotel rooms

The commercial use of technology has increased its significance manifold. In fact, technological advancements if used at its optimal capacity makes it the best way to conserve energy. As for instance, the HVAC and lighting controls used in the offices and hotel accommodations reap countless benefits as far as the conservation of energy is concerned, which further leads to the cost efficiency if the business aspect is concerned. If you are also thinking to have these automatic systems installed in your hotels, here are some options you can go for:

Air as a source of Heat pumps

The HVAC system using air as a source gives you the ultimate solution if you are really inclined to save money and energy. Yes! The technology works wonders at the minimal budget as it converts the heat from the environment of the outdoors and pushes it inside while converting it into hot or cold air as required according to the weather conditions. This is basically the simplest yet the most effective manner in which you capitalize on the available resources.

Automatic Lighting Systems

Similarly, the remotely controlled lighting systems are also widely used in the hotel industry these days. All you have to do is to get the latest technology of automatic lighting system installed in your hotel and by virtue of the sensors, the light bulbs will be switched on and off if the room is vacant. In addition, the alarm system which is in-built in the automatic lighting system gives an edge as you do not need to worry about the security of the hotel. The alarm goes off as soon as it detects a suspicious activity going on inside the premises or even in the surrounding areas.