Sensor Lighting Systems Exposed

Fumbling for the light switch in a dark room is something we have all encountered at some point in our lives. It becomes a safety hazard especially if you are in an unfamiliar place or have just woken up from sleep. Sensor lighting systems help us avoid these situations as they detect motion within their preset range and automatically turn on the lights.

The Sensor Lighting System uses individual sensors that detect fast physical movement.  This action uses infrared energy, sound waves or microwaves to ascertain whether there is movement. It activates the illuminating device upon detection.

Advantages and Types of Sensor Lighting Systems

The multiple roles that sensor lighting systems can play in our lives cannot be underestimated.  They are not mere mechanisms of convenience but play significant roles in our homes and offices.  Automated lighting allows for convenience and savings in both home and office.  Lights left open in unused rooms will definitely up the electric bill and is an unnecessary depletion of natural resources.

Security is also a reason why we get automated lighting systems. Home and office alarms can be equipped with motion sensors to trigger illumination during off-hours, alerting people of the possibility of intruders.  Sensor lighting can improve safety by ensuring that naturally dark pathways are automatically lit when movement is detected, deterring accidents.

Sensor lighting is also aesthetic.  We can dim or brighten lights with smart lighting systems and contribute to ambience and mood. Sensor lighting has played roles in entertainment venues and creative settings playing part in production and staging.

Enlist the Service of a Specialist

When considering a Sensor Lighting System for your home or business, it is recommended that you hire a professional company to maximize function and ensure quality.  Everybody loves a good Do-It-Yourself project, but when safety and security are at stake, we leave it to the specialists.

Choose a company with a known track record like Lutron Shades and Lightning who have been in the business for over 30 years.  You can be sure that all angles of your premises are considered maximizing the benefits of your budget for an automated lighting system.

The Edge Motorized Blinds Give Our Homes

Windows serve many purposes in our homes and offices from ventilation, natural lighting to cosmetic appeal.  Together with these apertures come an array of window treatments, most popular of which are blinds which are an attractive and practical way to protect the interiors and adds to the overall cosmetic appeal. But do we really have to opt-out of traditional pull and tug draperies instead of motorized blinds? Here are some reasons why we should consider automating our window blinds.

5 Advantages of Motorized Blinds


Having to manually open and close, raise and lower the blinds in all your windows at different times in a day is a hassle. And let’s be honest, there are times we either leave them alone it’s just too tedious.  Automation will enable you to adjust blinds with a central control system in the palm of your hand.

Energy Savings and Home Comfort

When you can adjust your blinds remotely, you can control natural light and the amount of heat that is filtered into your home.  This will result in your air conditioning and central heating system working more efficiently. You can even install sunlight sensors on motorized blinds to automatically close them.

Security, Safety and Privacy

The regular movement of blinds in homes will deter intruders as it will appear that someone is at home.  You can preset motorized blinds together through your home automation system when you travel. Being cordless, it makes tripping accidents lesser.  Privacy is also protected as you do not have to go near a window to manipulate the blinds.


Motorized blinds will provide ample protection to interior furnishings especially those that are situated near windows that are constantly exposed to the midday sun.


The streamlined look of motorized blinds adds to interior appeal.  Unlike manually adjusted blinds, these automated window treatments are uniformly arranged by the smooth motion of the mechanism.

A Worthwhile Investment

As a homeowner, you make a significant investment in building and furnishing your home.  The true value of motorized blinds is that they do provide significant practical and aesthetic benefits that will improve your quality of life.  Engaging a professional company such as Lutron Shades and Lighting will ensure top-quality installation and automation. Their 30 years of experience in the industry is a testament to their enduring standards.

Energy conservation with HVAC and automatic lighting systems in the hotel rooms

The commercial use of technology has increased its significance manifold. In fact, technological advancements if used at its optimal capacity makes it the best way to conserve energy. As for instance, the HVAC and lighting controls used in the offices and hotel accommodations reap countless benefits as far as the conservation of energy is concerned, which further leads to the cost efficiency if the business aspect is concerned. If you are also thinking to have these automatic systems installed in your hotels, here are some options you can go for:

Air as a source of Heat pumps

The HVAC system using air as a source gives you the ultimate solution if you are really inclined to save money and energy. Yes! The technology works wonders at the minimal budget as it converts the heat from the environment of the outdoors and pushes it inside while converting it into hot or cold air as required according to the weather conditions. This is basically the simplest yet the most effective manner in which you capitalize on the available resources.

Automatic Lighting Systems

Similarly, the remotely controlled lighting systems are also widely used in the hotel industry these days. All you have to do is to get the latest technology of automatic lighting system installed in your hotel and by virtue of the sensors, the light bulbs will be switched on and off if the room is vacant. In addition, the alarm system which is in-built in the automatic lighting system gives an edge as you do not need to worry about the security of the hotel. The alarm goes off as soon as it detects a suspicious activity going on inside the premises or even in the surrounding areas.

The wonders of technology – the Motorized Blinds for your home

There was a time when we had to go to the shops and spend hours and hours together to choose the matching curtains according to our preferences of material and cloth. Then it used to be cumbersome to hand them. But now, all you have to do is to get the best automatic blinds or shades which are being controlled with a remote. They are either battery operated or with an external power source. Whichever the case may be, it provides the ultimate benefits while you feel cosy and comfortable in your house. Yes! These are some of the reasons why the motorized blinds are gaining popularity around the globe.

Quiet and Convenient

You are saved the hassle of getting up in the morning and first draw the curtains apart. This has been made easier by virtue of motorized blinds. If you have these blinds in your house, all you have to do is to press a button on the remote control and they will draw open without making any noise.

Prevention from sun damage

Since there are some of the motorized blinds and shades which come with the automatic sensors, you can protect your indoor furniture from exposure to extended sunlight. Yes! The sensors automatically open and close the blinds according to the daylight. You just have to adjust the settings by setting up your geographical location. All the rest is done and managed by the motorized system of the blinds.

Saves Time

If you have a large house with many windows, it will take you quite some time to adjust the curtains or the ordinary blinds to set up according to the exposure to sunlight. Instead if you have motorized blinds, it will be a matter of minutes or even seconds and they will be adjusted as you want.


A perfect corporate solution – Lighting Control System

The interior decoration has come a long way and now it has reached its peak as the designers resort to different techniques and tools to enhance the beauty of the buildings. In order to complement the entire outlook, there have various technological advancements which have been used these days. One of such invention is the lighting control system. Yes! This is one way of extending the benefits of technology, especially it comes in handy for corporate offices as it serves multiple purposes as follows


Most of the lighting control systems come with the in-built security alarm system. This is important in the commercial buildings and offices so as to inhibit the access to unauthorised people. In case, an intruder tries to enter the building, the alarm goes off and the security officials take the control of the situation. Therefore, it is the most crucial advantage of the lighting control for your office.


This is related to the element of aesthetics. It looks elegant and stylish to have an automatically controlled lighting system installed in your office. You do not need to have multiple switched for the light bulbs in the building. This gives you an edge to decorate the walls as you have more space to work on.

Energy Conservation

Energy conservation and budget friendliness is another benefit of lighting system. In fact, the sensor in the controlled lighting system switches off the lights when the room is vacant. This also helps to conserve the energy and does not burden the budget. This is the reason why most of the designers prefer to have the automatic lighting system installed in the corporate offices these days.

Keep out the noise – Use the Automatic Window Shades

The advanced technological solutions have made life easier for us. We can enjoy the convenience of many things now which was just a dream in ancient times. The technological advancements when used in a good manner can surely bring about a difference in our daily life. As for instance, there are these automatic window shades which can be used for various purposes, one of which is to reduce the unnecessary noise. Especially if you are running a business, this provides a way to filter all the noise from the outdoors so that you do not get distracted during important business meetings. Here are some of the types of noise filtering shades you can opt for.

Noise Cancelling shades

These noise proof blinds are called acoustic and insulated blinds, they are effective in reducing noise. When you go for buying these blinds, always opt for the vertical ones with a thick layer. Moreover, you should keep in mind the exact measurement of your window as it will be the best way to choose the size of the blinds.

Blackout drapes

In order to have the most effective noise blocking shades, the blackout drapery is the best in this respect. These curtains are mostly made from heavy material which not only helps keeping out the light but it also keeps out the noise.

Woven shades

The woven shades are another type of shades which are known to block the sound and light. They are mostly used in the corporate offices, as they keep it quiet and sound during the business meetings and you can carry on with the corporate operations.

The Top Five Benefits of Light Control Solutions

Lighting systems in a building altogether changes the looks of the interior. Especially, the modern designers pay special attention to the quality and style of the lighting arrangements so as to make it more attractive. The advanced technology in the form of controlled lighting solutions is gaining popularity as it offers a lot more than just spacious and beautiful looks of the interior.


The first benefit you can achieve from a light control system is the enhanced style. Since the first impression is the last impression, it is important to create a comfortable ambiance. You can create your own style statement if you have remote controlled lighting systems.


The convenience of having the light controls is unmatchable. As for example, it is always easy to switch off one button instead of going through a big switch board or for that matter, the sensor technology has even made the switch controls obsolete.


The walls without switch boards look more beautiful and you can have a larger space to decorate the interior of your house or office. This also talks volumes about your aesthetic sense.


It also serves a security tool as if there are sensors along with the automatic lighting controls, you can have your house under surveillance as the alarm will go off if any suspicious activity is being detected by the sensors.

Energy Conservation

The most important benefit of the controlled lighting system is that you can save the unnecessary consumption of energy. The lighting sensors automatically detect if the room is vacant and the entire system switches off itself. So, you do not need to worry about the huge electricity bills.

Treatment of Motorized Curtain for Tall Windows

Virtually everything in life has its own advantages and disadvantages. The same applies to choosing a type of motorized curtain for your tall window. You might be wondering which will be best for you. Your thoughts would be divided between using external curtain vs internal curtain as well as if you should opt for switch or remote control.

External Curtains vs Internal Curtains

External curtains are curtains you fix the curtain on the outer part of the window. The implication is that it would be exposed to the harsh outside environment including dust, rain and sun amongst others. As a result of this, you would get curtains suitable for the outer part of the home. This type of curtain should not require washing as it would be best to go for those that you could just clean with a soft cloth, water and mild detergent. If you are going for an internal curtain on the other hand, you want to get a beautiful curtain that would match your interior decoration and function just as effectively. Considering they are inside, how frequently they will need to be cleaned will be much lesser from as frequently as once a month to as much as once in 6 months. However, the material will normally be softer and you could wash them like you wash your clothes or use your washing machine.

Switch vs Remote control

Choosing between switch or remote control is not supposed to be a problem as most of this curtain type come with both switch and remote control options. All you need to do is confirm if it has both. However, if you must choose between the two options, it would depend on those using it. Remote controls could get missing and you would have to search for it in some cases. Switches on the other hand or fixed to the wall and always in the same location. However, you will always need to go to the switch before you can use it. You can buy any of these types of blind you want from

Automatic Lighting with Hand Control

The world is rapidly developing today and everything is starting to get smart. The evolution ranges from smart computers to smart phones to smart cities to smart homes. Not only is lighting not left behind in this technology, but it is one of the major drivers of the smart items that we are enjoying. The light on your phone automatically comes on and off by double tapping the screen, by pressing the unlock button and when a call, message or other notifications come in. Computer lights can stay bright, dim and go off on their own. They could automatically get brighter when you are watching a movie or playing or game, dim when it is idle for a while before going off. Traffic lights for smart cities and automatic lighting for smart homes shows in the important of automatic lighting.

Controlling automatic lighting

There are several ways that automatic lighting can be controlled. It is possible to just set time where the automatic lighting comes on at 7pm for example and goes off by 6am every day. There is also the option of automatic sensing, where the light automatically comes up when there is a movement in the room and goes off as soon as the movement seizes. Automatic lighting are not always the best as there might be instances where you don’t want the light to come on, but before you could stop it, it senses your motion or it is time to come on and it automatically comes.

Using your hand to control automatic lighting

There are a number of ways you can use your hand to control automatic lighting. Prominent among them is the use of remote controls or apps on your smart phone. Many forms of these types of automatic lighting is available at However, the future of hand control for smart lighting is that you will be able to turn on, off, dim or brighten the light in a room by just waving, tapping your fingers or clapping. There are already some form of smart lighting that can respond to the hands and move in the direction of your hand.

5 Advantages of Motorized Windows Curtain

You might have just head about the motorized windows curtain and how it operates. You might be wondering how it would benefit you, especially when you start considering the fact it might cost a bit more and might also increase your energy bills. Here are 5 major advantages of getting motorized windows curtain.


Efficiency is an advantage of using motorized windows curtain. There are instances where you are trying to close your blinds, especially when you are in a hurry or the control is becoming difficult to draw or properly operate, you will not get the desired result. You are either trying to completely block out external light, but it becomes impossible. The same also applies to trying when you want to completely open it and it keeps opening slightly and then closing with opening to its full scope. Motorized windows curtain completely takes care of this problem.


Imagine you want to watch a programme on TV or you want to do something, but you need to close your windows. However, there are many windows in the house. Instead of moving from one window to the other, sometimes having to climb things to lock them, your switch or remove control can do it for you without leaving your sit or just from one spot.

Easy to install

It is naturally to think that it will be difficult to install the motorized windows curtain. However, it works wirelessly. The implication is that you don’t have to bother about wires and its installation is almost as easy as installing your traditional window. You could also request for directions or help with installation from, where the curtains are also sold.

Enhanced performance

You will be able to save time to do other things such as looking out for your kids and doing homework. In the manual cases, you might be in the middle of something and then the sun suddenly shines through. You will be forced to go attend to the windows before continuing, thereby making you to lose time and concentration.

Great for your kids

Your kids will no longer need to look for you when they need to close or open their windows. Everybody can operate a switch or remote control. This is as opposed to the manual that can sometimes be challenging for adults to use.