Benefits of Motorized Window Blinds

When building or preparing your home for giving a modern touch, you must consider motorized window blinds and shade for your place. Here, we are talking about few benefits of motorized window blinds and shades.

Saving Energy

When you use the motorized window, the timer can be set to raise and lower the shades at a certain time in each day. Also, with the environment’s temperature rising and falling, you can control the shades as well. With the temperature and sunlight sensors, the curtains are raised or pulled down independently. This always provides a comfortable and consistent temperature in your home. It will be helpful for your HVAC system to minimize the energy consumption. So, in the summer when the temperature is the hottest, the drapes are closed and in winter when the sun is the brightest, the curtains will be opened automatically.

Safety and security

Handling the wired curtains or drapes is dangerous for kids and pets, as they can be tangled. Toddlers are very curious and they want to touch everything. So, parents are always worried and try to keep all the cord away from their kids. But with the motorized blinds, no need to get tensed. Also, with this system, you can keep the privacy and protect your furniture and other precious things from the UV-rays. Also, with the tall windows it is tough to pull down the curtains. The automation solves the problem and makes your life easy.

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The Smart Lighting Solution and Its Future

As we are already availing fantastic home automation systems for our home and business areas, it is normal to imagine the future solutions. Home automation is making our life more convenient and less stressed. Still, manufacturers are always competing with each other to give us more attractive illumination options with advanced technologies.

Latest technology

LED technology creates an evolution in the lighting system and gives the designers more freedom. Though technology is there for a long time, but the smart bulbs built by using LED are the latest trend. In the past, there was a temperature problem with LED which affected the efficiency. But now, designers are making it possible to increase the quality and reliability by dealing with the temperature issue. In many bulbs, dielectric layer or metal substrate is used to for thermal conductivity or transition. Smart switch and smart plugs are also added to the home interior.

Efficiency and comfort

The main purpose to change or upgrade the current design is to ensure more efficiency and comfort. Already, smart home is providing us the less movement solutions. The lighting can be fully controlled with our mobile app or remote. You just need strong Wi-Fi connection smart devices to use that. The future is to reduce even the dependency on apps and make everything fully voice controlled. You just need to pass the necessary command and the work is done.

The engineers are continually researching to make the lighting devices more efficient and environment friendly. With the smarter products, your house will look better and the utility bill is reduced as well. The devices are already created with no wires to make the integration and maintenance work easier.

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Knowing About Motorized Window Treatments for Tall Windows

The tall windows make the house look different and stunning. But, with the beauty here comes the problems as well. It is very difficult to choose the right drapes or curtains for tall windows. Also, opening and closing the curtain is like a mammoth task. You always need a ladder to reach the cord or strings. It is not so convenient as well. So, motorized window treatments can be the best solutions for the tall windows of your home.

Ideas for tall windows

With the motorized shades, you can easily control the coverings without moving from your place. You can add the timer or a sunlight sensor to make the arrangement more easy and comfortable. There are Roman and Cellular shades to choose. The cellular shades are available in top down/bottom up style. You can move the top or bottom of the shades as per your choice. You will have both the access to sunlight and the privacy as well. With the daylight sensor, the coverings will sense the sunlight and it will be opened automatically. The Roman shades are also good options for the tall windows. The drapery or curtains are the most common ones for tall windows. With the folding system, you must keep enough space at the top or bottom of the windows to keep pile. These look great on every type of windows. Also, you will get more options to choose the fabric according to your interior. With the remote or voice control option, you can easily move the curtains whenever it is necessary.

Where to go

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Knowing About The Smart Grid and Automated Lighting Systems

Smart grid is the combination of intelligent control, generation and distribution system. Smart meters, efficient and renewable energy resources and smart appliances are used in this system. The concept makes the power grid more flexible, stable and efficient. Scientists are continuously working on upgrading the grid system to keep the balance between the consumer demand and power supply. The demand is increasing, but with the current power grid it is not easy to fulfill that. So, the smart grid is the best solution for this problem.

Advantage of smart grid

The main advantage with this system is the smart metering, which helps to inform us the energy consumption at any time. So, the users can be more careful while using the appliances. They can cut down the consumption to reduce the electricity bill. The smart grid is very reliable. Fraud detection is much easier than before. Also, if there is a power outage, the meters can report that will make the restoration work faster. The effect on the environment because of the power grid is also a concerning issue. With the smart grid, the air pollution can be reduced by cutting down the carbon emission. It integrates renewable energy which is great for our mother earth.

Automated lighting systems and smart grid

The lighting system is always one of the top energy consumers in the residential and industrial sectors. But with the improvement of the technology, smart lights can be used in a more effective way. The dimmers, sensors and timers are helpful to reduce the usage and save more energy. Even some products are designed in such a way that, it can sense the load-shedding and respond it by lessening the load automatically.

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What To Consider While Choosing Motorized Curtains and Electric Drapes

The curtain, drape or shade is very important aspects of the home or any office place for various reasons. So, choosing the right one for your windows is not a very easy task. You will find many options in the market. But before going for one, consider the following basic things to select the perfect one.

Style, Shape and Color

First, you have to understand what you are looking for. Otherwise, you will feel lost and confused. You can browse the internet to know all the available style and design curtains and the good sides and bad sides as well. Some curtains are made from thick fabric, good for blocking out the sunlight completely. In our bedroom, we do not want to be disturbed while sleeping. Also, if there is any specific private area, you can use the thick ones to protect the privacy. Also, the style can be varied like ripple, pleated or folding style. Choose the convenient one. Many want to match the curtain color with the other furniture or wall painting. For that you have to be extremely careful to get the right shade.

Operating Method

There are many ways to operate the curtains. You can use the wall mounted switch, remote control system, app system or voice control system. Go through all the pro and cons of every system. For a motorized curtain, the weight of the curtain is very important. So, check whether one motor is enough or not. If the curtain is too heavy, you may need more than one. Contact a professional person to know the details. The opening and closing system have three options, center, left and right. You can choose any of them.

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How Automated Lighting Can Ensure Energy Efficiency

Scientists have invented the smart lighting system to reduce energy wastage. Greenhouse emission is a great concern in the whole world. We are already witnessing the bad effect for that. So, it is time to be serious about how to save energy as much as possible.

Automated lighting system

There are many features in smart lighting system. The dimmers are the most well known ones of them. It is used for getting the perfect desired shade for your home or room. When you are watching TV, relaxing or reading books, you want soft shade. With the dimmer switch, you will get different types of brightness from a single bulb. You can create a gorgeous atmosphere with that.

With the occupancy sensors, the system will sense whether there is any person in that particular area or not. This is a good option for a big house or in the office. No need to do any kind of manual work. The motion detectors are also similar, sensing the motion the lights turn on automatically.

The timer helps to set a specific period when the lights should be on or not. With the daylight sensing technique, daylight can be used wisely.

Energy efficiency

With the smart lighting technology, the bulb life is extended due to the intelligent control system. As, the bulbs are controlled automatically, less time is needed to turn off the lights. You can easily switch on or off the lights without moving an inch. The sensors do the same work and at the end lots of energy can be saved. This will save your utility bill and the manpower in a business area.

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About Motorized Window Coverings

Motorized window coverings can be the best treatment for your windows. The house looks great and smart with a touch of elegance. The system is simple, fun and comfortable. So, people are choosing motorized window coverings over the manual ones. It will definitely improve your lifestyle.

Types of Motorized Window Coverings

Normally, two common styles are seen everywhere while it comes to motorized coverings, pinch fold and ripple folds. The pinch pleats are smaller in size also a little bit tighter. The ripple folds looks like S-shape. While washing the drapes, go for the dry cleaning. This will help to keep the curtain fabric in good condition for many years. There are options for choosing the operation style as well. There are interior blinds which are operated by batteries. No electricity connection is needed. But you need to charge that after a certain amount of time. The battery has to be changed after four or five years. The roller shutter system is controlled by remote control. You can easily raise and lower the curtains from anywhere just by pointing the remote to the motor. You can also set the drapes at a comfortable position. There are also options to set timer and then the curtains will be opened and closed at a specific time. You do not need to worry about that. The new addition is the voice controlled window curtains, perfect for home and workplace.

Where to Find

There are lots of companies, who have lucrative offers to install the motorized window coverings for your home. But before selecting any company, go through their previous works. Check whether they have the required experience and knowledge and not. Ask them questions and also check their charge as well.

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Good Sides of Automated Lighting Control System At Home

Home automated lighting control system can change your life forever. The installation and maintenance is also very easy and less time consuming.

Safer environment

With the automation system, you can easily control all the lights from your phone or tab. You do not need to move physically to switch on or off the lights. It is very convenient at night. While going to the washroom or in the kitchen at night, no need to find the switchboard in the dark. Just switch on the light by tapping the app. When we are in the office or away to spend holidays, our house is always at a risk of intrusion. But with app automation, you can control your lighting system while away from home. Just turn on the lights for w few hours. It will give an impression that someone is at home and deter the thieves. Also, by installing the motion detectors at the outside, you can easily watch if any person who comes at your house premises. Motion detectors sense any motion and switch on the lights automatically. So, you do not control that manually and energy will be saved as well.

Beautiful House

There is no big switch board or harsh lighting at your home. With the dimmer feature, you can get the perfect shading according to your taste. The lightings are installed beautifully to enhance your house interior. You will get the perfect ambience and comfort for your dream home. Brightness control helps to increase the lamp life and decrease the utility bill.

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How Motorized Shades and Blinds Can Make Your Place Better

Motorized shades and blinds can be the new edition to make your house stylish and sophisticated. The system is easy simple and extremely convenient.

Convenient method

You can easily control the shades and blinds by using apps, remote or voice activated method. So, you do not need to go near the window every time you want to lower or raise the shades. There is also an option for setting timers to control the shades and blinds everyday at a specific time. The cord free system is safer for the small kids. It will avoid any kind of accident. By the automatic system, the drapes will be controlled by measuring the environment. So, the temperature will be consistent and the load of you HVAC system will be lessened. Also, not only at home, it is extremely convenient for any commercial place. Raising and lowering the drapes is a time consuming task. But with the automation, there is no need to engage someone to control the blinds. It will be done automatically. Your house will look modern and majestic.

Ensuring security

You can still set a timer to control the shades and blinds at a specific time when you are away from your home. So, even if you are not at home, your home will be secured and privacy will be saved. This will make an impression that there is someone in the house. The intruders will think twice before breaking in. You can easily protect your place. You can also control it by using your smartphone.

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How Automated Lighting Control System and HVAC Can Enhance The Image of Hotels or Resorts

If you are in hospitality business, then the most important thing as an owner is to satisfy your guests and enhancing the hotel’s reputation. Hospitality service will not last long if you cannot meet your customers’ expectation. The whole world is advancing towards technology. Building automation is getting really popular for all the positive reasons. The hotels and resorts are not left behind. The automated lighting control system and HVAC are accepted by all the famous vacation rental places.

Guest’s convenience

When guests check into any hotel, normally they are very tired because of the long journey. All they want is to quickly complete all the formalities and take rest in their room. If the place has no automation feature, then the guests have to find and learn how to operate all the switches. Of course, in a new place learning all these things is troublesome. Every time they have to reach to the switchboard for the manual control system. Always, maintaining the perfect temperature is not so easy. With the automation system, the temperature and ventilation are controlled according to the weather.

Maintaining Image

The higher the ratings of your place are the better image you will have. With the sensors and detectors, the lighting system will work automatically by sensing the occupant. The guests do not need to turn on or off the lights every time they enter or exit. When your guests are satisfied, they will provide good reviews. It will help to bloom the business. Also, you are continuously competing with other famous hotels. So, to have a strong place, you must be familiar with all the latest technology related to hospitality service.

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