What is the reason behind the increasing popularity of motorized blinds?

The popularity of motorized blinds in the 21st century

The world in the 21st century is growing at an exponential speed with remarkable human inventions and advanced technology. Innovations can now be applied in interior design and can transform simple window curtains into minimalist but elegant and practical motorized blinds. Today, people can afford to build their own homes and reflect their personality into interior decorating. In some developing countries, people purchase homes that are affordable, conducive to work, and comfortable such as condominiums and townhouses. In these types of small-to-medium buildings, space is limited, windows are few, and the construction of the interior must be well thought out. These are the reasons why homeowners prefer motorized blinds (for example, Lutron blinds NYC or Lutron shades NJ).

What are motorized shades?

Motorized blinds are innovative window covers (think of it like automated curtains) that are installed on windows. One can control the blinds through a wireless route or using a remote control. From a simple function of covering the windows, these blinds (such as Lutron blinds NYC, Lutron shades NJ, motorized window accent CT) can also control the entrance of light into the room. Because it is automatic, owners can dictate their light preference based on the settings they wish to input on the blinds. In other words, homeowners can control how much light they want to enter their rooms using Lutron blinds or Lutron shades.


Another characteristic of motorized blinds is their durability. Manual manipulation of blinds can cause scratches on window frames and eventually destroy them over time. Motorized blinders from Lutron dealers NYC, NJ, CT and attached by Lutron Installers can prevent unnecessary mess on your walls and window frames. These products provided by Lutron dealers are also “silent” machines that move blinds up and down or sideways without causing noise or vibrations to your home. Noise pollution is prevented and this product (for example, Lutron motorized shades NYC) contributes to providing more comfort to a peaceful home. Moreover, these types of products are elegant.

Lutron shades NYC, NJ, CT come in different types and they provide a vast collection of fabric materials that will complement the interior of a home. Its sophisticated mechanism can also be installed on ceilings such as (roof lights and portholes) or even large window spaces (such as bay windows, French doors, or sliding doors). Motorized blinds are also user friendly but one must also know how it works before purchasing the product. It is the owner who will dictate his or her settings according to how he or she wants it. It is also safe for children because motorized blinds are cordless, thus, preventing them from cord-tangles or other accidents.

What is so good about motorized shades?

Let us emphasize that motorized blinds are hard-earned but cost-effective. Each unit costs approximately three hundred and fifty dollars and installation may cost up to seventy-five dollars for each window. Think of it as a long-term investment (and a good investment too) in homes that are prone to dilapidation over time. Its battery life span can reach up to five years. On the other hand, quality is not compromised especially if it is provided by Lutron dealers.

 Ensuring quality

If you want to ensure good quality of motorized blinds (for example purchasing from Lutron Dealer NYC, Lutron Dealer NJ, or Lutron Dealer CT), you have to purchase these products from Lutron dealers and should be placed by Lutron Installers in your home. Lutron dealers provide brand new products and save you doubting their quality compared to second-hand products. Lutron dealers will provide any type of motorized blinds according to your preference. Lutron Installers are educated with their products and they are knowledgeable especially in placing your purchased products on your windows. Installation from Lutron installers will also ensure the warranty of the product you purchase. If you also have inquiries regarding your product, it is also best to address your concerns directly to Lutron Installers because Lutron Installers can provide adequate answers for you. Lutron Installers will also teach you how to operate your motorized blinds.


Just like wireless appliances, cordless phones, or electric garages, motorized blinds are unique and impressive. Its automatic and sophisticated mechanism is attractive to any home. It is efficient because one can control the blinds at a certain time and distance without routinely opening and closing the blinds. It conserves time and effort. It places a good role in interior design because it is aesthetically pleasing. As mentioned previously, Lutron dealers can provide blinds or shades that go well with a room and are attractive to buyers. Like all other high-end products, quality is impressive and costs are manageable. Besides, who wouldn’t think that innovative and elegant blinders aren’t cool?

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