Where to find the Best Lutron Lighting and Shades Dealer?

If you’d like to replace your light switches with smart, android switches that you can operate or control remotely, Lutron should be at the top of your list.

Simply said, these are the best intelligent switches on the market right now. We’ve been using them for months at the CNET Smart Home, and they’re reliable, well-designed, easy to use, and full of helpful features. They’re also compatible with nearly everything: Alexa, IFTTT, Nest, Wink, Apple Home Kit, and so forth.

A two-switch starter kit with the necessary Lutron Bridge costs $190, which isn’t cheap — especially when you consider that Belkin WeMo Light Switches cost approximately $50 each and don’t require any connectivity. However, following careful testing of both options, I am confident that Lutron is the far superior choice and worth the extra money. It’s smart lighting that works, and it’s a prominent Editors’ Choice for the connected home.

When it comes to smart switches, Lutron strikes the perfect spot in terms of design. Every switch, which is available in various colors and tones, seems appropriately luxurious while being modest enough to blend in with the most home decor. This equilibrium is also related to how the switches are operated.

When the top button is pressed, the lights are entirely lit, while the bottom button fades them away. The buttons in the center allow for precise adjustments. Such smooth, slow fades from one setting to the next makes each light look elevated, premium, yet the controls are readily identifiable to anyone who has ever used a plain old dimmer switch.

Why go for Lutron?

The brand’s app is a standout, with a clean, well-organized UI and customizable themes. You can utilize your Lutron Serena shades in these scenarios if you have some.

When you add a light to your configuration, the Lutron app prompts you to name it and allows you to organize several lights in regions and zones. If you want to use Siri to control your lights, the language comes in handy: tell her to turn off the kitchen lights or the downstairs lights, and she’ll know precisely what you’re talking about. The Lutron system excels in terms of speed and utility. The Pico Remote, the app, a voice assistant, and even the motion sensor respond quickly. The design is undeniably unique. It provides a lot of usefulness and allows for better control of the dimmer with the separate buttons.

If you’re considering whether or not to get the Lutron Caseta because of the aesthetics, don’t be concerned since you’ll get used to it quickly.

Where to find the best Lutron Lighting and Shades Dealer?

The brand has its stores in New Jersey. If you happen to live nearby, you are highly recommended to drop by and check out their shades and lighting products. You would be amazed to know that Lutron Lighting has been evolving with the technology, and with their immense expertise in this area, they have been built with the most up-to-date technology.

Moreover, one of the most popular systems at the Connecticut store is the Smart Lighting Control Systems. If you’re serious about smart lighting, these are the best-performing, most feature-rich smart switches on the market right now. In terms of durability, the Lutron system is unrivaled. The system is easy to install, expand, and use. Furthermore, the vast majority of significant smart home systems are compatible.

If you need a Lutron smart lighting professional for your next project, their stores in New York are there to help.


If you’re a casual smart-home geek, the Lutron switches are the most straightforward method to set up a beautiful and trustworthy smart lighting system in your home.

Lutron has a long history in the light switch industry. The company’s founder invented the dimmer switch. They have been in the whole-home lighting control business since the 1990s. Their Caseta smart switch series is aimed at the home DIY market (including US!). It’s a gadget in their “entry-level” range. The Caseta line is the topic of this essay. Caseta smart switches include a basic on/off switch, a dimmer switch, a light dimmer switch, and a fan controller.