The New Types Of Lighting Control For Home And Office

With energy conservation becoming a necessity rather than choice, saving power today is not just restricted to switching off fans and lights. The major energy consumer in commercial and residential sector is the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system. Thus, over the years the HVAC industry has undergone some major technological advancements and reforms to provide energy efficient solutions, which in layman’s language are known as Smart Lighting Solution. ‘Smart’ because most of them use artificial intelligence and can be operated via smartphones, computers and virtual home assistants.

Not only are these solutions energy efficient but also prove to be pocket friendly in the long run. One might consider Smart Lighting Systems a luxury however, with the increasing cost of energy, these systems are becoming inexpensive by the clock. Today various companies like provide personalised Automated Systems to cater to commercial and domestic lighting needs.

Types of lighting controls for Domestic and Commercial spaces: –

Dimmer Switches-

Dimmers allow you to adjust the intensity of light depending on the type of lighting (accent, task, general) you require. Dimming the lights reduces energy consumption by 4% to 9%. When used with LED bulbs efficiency increases.

Daylighting: –

In such systems natural light is used to maximum to reduce energy consumption. Daylight dimmers are a more advanced option, where the photo sensor continually adjusts the lighting in proportion to available sunlight instead of switching off to create moderately lit environment.

Sensors: –

Occupancy sensors is an indoor lighting system which switches on the light when it detects motion and turns it off after a short while motion sensors work upon the same principle, except that they are used outdoors.

Network Lighting System: –

This system can be a part of Building Automatic System (BAS) or a Stand-alone system. Either way it is usually Wi-Fi enabled and links the various light bulbs/tubes to a single device-a remote. One might even have a built-in application in Smartphones to operate such systems.

However, it is difficult for one to choose the best option therefore experts at provide personalised services as per the type of space and client’s budget and requirement.