Motorized and Remote-Controlled Blinds – A Guide to What’s Available

There are many brands which are available today in the market when it comes to Motorized and Remote-Controlled Blinds. Some are quite popular brands and the product being used in luxury apartments and hotels while some are good for normal use and used by normal households. Lutron lighting and shades provide you all types of blinds and shades which are popular among households and among luxurious apartments and hotels. Let’s see what all they provide.

Blinds and Shades with Hard Wired technique- These shades can be operated from any where in the house using a remote control and are more accessible and reliable product for household purposes. When using these blinds and shades it not just only provide the house with great appearance but it also provides added safety to the house and for your children as these blinds and shades do not have long cords in which your children can tangle up or can hinder the appearance of your blinds and shades.

Honeycomb style Blinds and shades- These honeycomb styled blinds and shades are battery operated. They provide insulation to your room as they control day light in style. These shades are battery operated so they can even work if there is some problem of electricity or in case of no electricity. These honeycomb style blinds and shades move equally while opening and closing down so as to provide a unified look when viewed from both inside and outside. In these shades the option for cable guided shades are also provided for French doors so that the shades remain in place when using the doors. These shades have solar screen fabrics on them so that you can cut glare while the outside view is still visible. These shades they come with 2 types of remote controls. One is a group shade remote which is useful for room having different groups of shades and other remote is single peco remote which is useful for single shades or group of shades.