Motorized Drapery – Bringing Elegance with Home Automation

Beautiful shades and drapery can not only provide valuable energy benefits but can also make a room come alive and look complete. In our technology-driven it is impossible to imagine convenience of lifestyle without integrating our home with automation.

The Need for Automation

It is important to consider both the design and functionality aspects of drapes and shades while deciding on the interior design that you want for your dwelling. Adding the magic touch of automation to these window coverings can help you adjust them exactly where you want without the hassle of cords or chains.

Motorised drapes and shades, like the ones available on, can be controlled remotely as well. According to experts, fabrics used in motorised drapery last longer than cord drawn curtains.

Intelligent Elegance

Considering the digital and automated world that we live in, it is natural that we benefit from elegant automated furnishings. Motorised window furnishings are an ideal energy efficient solution. Most shades come with an in-built sun sensor and can prevent overheating of the rooms which get direct sunlight. You can also manually pre-schedule the shades. For instance, in the summertime you can schedule the covering times and prevent a room from getting excessive sunlight, thereby, reducing your cooling bill. And, in Winters, the drapes can be closed to provide better insulation.

These smart technology solutions can also help you create a safer environment at home for pets and loved ones. Unlike their traditional counterparts, automated furnishings can be remotely controlled, or through a wall-mounted unit, and does not require and dangerous chains and cords in its operation.

Automated shades and drapery are the perfect combination of beauty, technology, style and convenience. Discreet and elegant, they are fast becoming a must-have feature of modern homes, offices and hotels.