Importance of Automated Lighting Control Systems in Vacation Rentals

Self-service, today is a state of the art luxury desired by all. And technology has made it even more easy and fun. It is more convenient to tap buttons on a screen rather than making a phone call. Therefore, the hospitality industry is continually adapting to the technical advancements to make their guest experience a more personalized stay. Moving on from the conventional hospitality methods, many hotels are adopting automated solutions to cater to their guests’ needs and demands.

Automated application systems

For instance, many hotel chains have come up with their own apps which allow guest to make booking online and the skip the front desk responsibilities and paper work, enabling them to check into their rooms using the app as their key. However, guest-room automation is not just limited to this. The visitors can control drapes, lighting, television and music etc. according to their choice with a click of button. Nowadays many hotels adjust the temperature of a room as soon as it is occupied at the front desk, so that by the time the guest reaches, the room is normalized according to his or her needs.

Automated lighting systems in guestrooms

Through these automation services guest can schedule evening and wake up scenes. for example, rather than alarm ringing off, the drapes open with a pleasant soothing music a scheduled breakfast delivered at an allotted time. Automated systems have a wide range of options and settings that the guests can configure based on a number of factors. Guests can choose to adjust the light levels according to the natural light.  The benefit of elegance is visual, but that is one of the most important aspects in the hospitality industry. This is where dimming plays a big role, rather than coping with glaring overhead light turned to full brightness, lighting control allows you to adjust your space in soothing layers of light. Motion sensors in the room detect occupancy and switch on the light only when required, to ensure that no energy is wasted in illuminating the lobbies and stair cases when not in use. most of the 3 and above star hotels have deployed with such automation services, while many new ones are still adapting with the help of automation service providers like