Cost Management in Hospitality Management by Automatic Lighting Control

In the hospitality industry efficient cost management is one of the most important and challenging target to achieve. To reduce the cost the hotels are running after advanced automatic systems to save energy. Automatic lighting control system is doing wonder and welcomed by the hospitality industry with open arms.


Automatic lighting control is one of the best energy saving and eco friendly solution. It is easy, simple and comfortable for the guests. The automatic system enhances the hotel decors and increase options for the interior designs.

Cost management

The smart energy management is helping the hotels in cost management. A hotel is definitely a very big place and controlling the lighting manually is a mammoth task. The automation saves a lot of manpower which can be utilized for different chores. An advanced monitoring and controlling system needs fewer employees in compare to the manual system. It is also difficult to observe every room and control lighting. By using occupancy sensing, daylight availability, dimmers and motion sensing system, the energy is saved and the bills are reduced. So there is no worry even when guests leave the room without turning off the lights. The LED lighting products which are used for dimming feature are more compatible and sustain more. They save a lot of energy and very cost effective. It is also useful for sudden power shortage or load shedding to save energy. It also reduces the maintenance cost. The manual system is difficult and costly with so many components. But automatic lighting system is simple and easy to manage. You can also calculate the required energy and the energy consumption to plan your budget accordingly.