Why Choose Motorized Blinds and Shades?

As the population is increasing millions of houses are being constructed every day and many houses, they are remodeled every now and then. People they look for many energy efficient ways which they can used while doing all this. People want smart home solutions which can make their house energy efficient and less energy can be used to run the necessary things of the house. People they also want that everything sits on their smart phone and clicking one button switches ON and OFF necessary things of their house. Motorized Blinds and Shades are amongst them. Let’s see why they are becoming so popular-

1- Due to their convenience– Just press one button of your remote or on app and the Blind/Shade will simply open or close. Many sensors based blinds and shades are available on various websites such as- https://lutronlightingandshades.com/ which prevents the loss of energy from your home and keep your home warm in winters and cool in summer.

2- Integration with Smart Lighting– If you use smart lights in your home and you integrate Motorized Blinds/shades both will cut down the electricity usage of your home. For e.g. the smart lights will automatically turn off as they receive the trigger when you open your motorized Blinds and Shades.

3- Providing safety– As in motorized blinds/shades cords are not there it is a major safety bonus for parents. Now you don’t have to worry about your children playing with the cords of Blinds and shades. Other than this various other safety features are also provided by these smart and motorized blinds and shades. The major one is that in case of fire these blinds and shades they detect the fire in the house and they automatically opens which allows the emergency service providers to see into the house.