Enhancing Guest Experience with HVAC and Automatic Lighting Control Systems

HVAC in hotel management is for controlling heating, ventilation and air conditioning automatically. HVAC and automatic lighting control system boosts guest satisfaction and intensify the pleasure. It is also essential for the images and reputation of a hotel.

HVAC for Guest Satisfaction

In hotels, manual temperature and ventilation control is time consuming and needs lots of manpower. Also the guests need to understand whole regulating process to get the desired result which is quite stressful. Customer happiness and satisfaction are the most important things in hospitality industry. The HVAC definitely increases the contentment and comfort level. So by using intelligent network controlling thermostats and air controlling features, the temperature can be regulated automatically without any complication, thus improves the guest experience.

Automatic lighting Control

Intelligent lighting control unquestionably enhances the guest satisfaction. During vacation, everyone wants the best comfort and carefree moments. It is the hotel’s responsibility to improve guest experience as much as possible. Looking for the switch board in a total new place is not so thrilling. Smart lighting control is there to save the tension and stress.

Occupancy sensors are used by the rental owners and guests love the system. The lights are illuminated automatically sensing any incoming visitors without human intervention. When the place is vacated, the lights are switched off after a certain time.

Motion detectors are helpful for security purpose to detect any intruder. The sensors detect the motion and turns on the lights. It is also useful for the central area and parking place. No need to switch on anything manually. It also saves lots of energy and increase customer satisfaction.

Dimmers are used in rooms to control the shade of light and create a surreal atmosphere.