What To Consider Before Choosing Motorized Window Shades

To keep the house cool and protect privacy, motorized window shades are becoming extremely popular. If you want to use the motorized shades for the windows, then keep these following things in mind before choosing it.


Research properly, before approaching a company for installing the system. Visit their website and see exactly what they are offering. Go through their complete projects. A good will always have lots of customer feedback and reviews. Check on the rating system as well. A good company will always have an efficient team and great customer service center.

Remote or App based control system

The motorized blinds can be controlled by either remote or apps. Think which one will convenient for you and then take the decision. If you are choosing the app based option, then the application has to be compatible with your smart phone or tablet. With the app you can control the shades from anywhere, even when you are not in your home.

Motor quality

Choose a good quality motor otherwise you have to pay more for the maintenance. A good quality motor is expensive, but it will serve you for a long time without causing any problem. Check the warranty as well. Before buying the motor, learn how to use that. The motor that you choose must be compatible with the types of your window shades and blinds.

Power source

The power source of motorized shades is either battery powered or solar powered. The battery powered one is the cheapest. You can use the battery for 2-3 years. Also, there is no wiring cost. Solar powered ones are expensive and need lots of sun exposure. The command is given through wireless control system.

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