Knowing About DMX Lighting Controller

DMX controller is used for controlling the lighting for any program or events. You can easily do the color mixing and manage to control the base color’s brightness. It definitely brings a different effect into the designs of the show.

There are two types of DMX lighting controllers, hardware and software.

Hardware DMX Controller

The hardware DMX controller is a traditional method to get the perfect ambiance. A board is with various keys or buttons are used as a control panel or console. A single channel is controlled by a single fader. For a DMX controller with a complex design, multiple layers are there to control the effect. You can easily manage and control by tweaking or grabbing the controller with many options. The problem is you need to do everything manually and an expert is needed to handle the console.

Software DMX controller

For software DMX controller, a source is needed to create DMX. There are many DMX software which can act according to your requirements. Also, an USB interface of DMX is used for converting the USB output and turns in into DMX output. You can remotely control the lighting with the help of computer or any smart device. This DMX software has some new and interesting features which are not found in the hardware DMX controller. You will get enough option to create your desired atmosphere. You can easily arrange the show in a virtual environment. To control the settings is easy and faster than the hardware system. You can have the special effects, MIDI control and common instruments’ templates. The visual environment makes the light show more colorful and significant.

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