Treatment of Motorized Curtain for Tall Windows

Virtually everything in life has its own advantages and disadvantages. The same applies to choosing a type of motorized curtain for your tall window. You might be wondering which will be best for you. Your thoughts would be divided between using external curtain vs internal curtain as well as if you should opt for switch or remote control.

External Curtains vs Internal Curtains

External curtains are curtains you fix the curtain on the outer part of the window. The implication is that it would be exposed to the harsh outside environment including dust, rain and sun amongst others. As a result of this, you would get curtains suitable for the outer part of the home. This type of curtain should not require washing as it would be best to go for those that you could just clean with a soft cloth, water and mild detergent. If you are going for an internal curtain on the other hand, you want to get a beautiful curtain that would match your interior decoration and function just as effectively. Considering they are inside, how frequently they will need to be cleaned will be much lesser from as frequently as once a month to as much as once in 6 months. However, the material will normally be softer and you could wash them like you wash your clothes or use your washing machine.

Switch vs Remote control

Choosing between switch or remote control is not supposed to be a problem as most of this curtain type come with both switch and remote control options. All you need to do is confirm if it has both. However, if you must choose between the two options, it would depend on those using it. Remote controls could get missing and you would have to search for it in some cases. Switches on the other hand or fixed to the wall and always in the same location. However, you will always need to go to the switch before you can use it. You can buy any of these types of blind you want from