Automatic Lighting with Hand Control

The world is rapidly developing today and everything is starting to get smart. The evolution ranges from smart computers to smart phones to smart cities to smart homes. Not only is lighting not left behind in this technology, but it is one of the major drivers of the smart items that we are enjoying. The light on your phone automatically comes on and off by double tapping the screen, by pressing the unlock button and when a call, message or other notifications come in. Computer lights can stay bright, dim and go off on their own. They could automatically get brighter when you are watching a movie or playing or game, dim when it is idle for a while before going off. Traffic lights for smart cities and automatic lighting for smart homes shows in the important of automatic lighting.

Controlling automatic lighting

There are several ways that automatic lighting can be controlled. It is possible to just set time where the automatic lighting comes on at 7pm for example and goes off by 6am every day. There is also the option of automatic sensing, where the light automatically comes up when there is a movement in the room and goes off as soon as the movement seizes. Automatic lighting are not always the best as there might be instances where you don’t want the light to come on, but before you could stop it, it senses your motion or it is time to come on and it automatically comes.

Using your hand to control automatic lighting

There are a number of ways you can use your hand to control automatic lighting. Prominent among them is the use of remote controls or apps on your smart phone. Many forms of these types of automatic lighting is available at However, the future of hand control for smart lighting is that you will be able to turn on, off, dim or brighten the light in a room by just waving, tapping your fingers or clapping. There are already some form of smart lighting that can respond to the hands and move in the direction of your hand.