The Benefits of Automatic Lighting Control System for Your Resident

At experts do more than just appliance management and illuminating spaces, they provide energy efficient, technologically advanced lighting solutions that are pocket friendly and easy to use applications for homes as well as commercial spaces.

Safety and security

Using automated home systems ensure appliance safety. They help you keep a check on all electrical appliances that are running and thus avoid instances of electrical fires and minor accidents. Many such systems are accompanied with automated door locks, which prove to be the safest of all. They can be opened and closed with a tap of a finger. You can easily lock or unlock the door with your smartphone i.e. giving the user accessibility from anywhere on the planet. It also is very advantageous for families with school going children who return when no one is at home. These smart locks are definitely more safe than handing out multiple keys to family members and neighbours.

The security cameras installed provide a direct feed in your smartphone and thus helps the user to monitor his/her house when they are not at home. These cameras may include baby monitors and pet cameras as well. The lighting control system can also be integrated with a home’s alarms, illuminating the path to exit the home in the event of a fire, or turn all lights to full bright and flash to confuse an intruder

Eco-Friendly and Pocket-Friendly

The underlying purpose of these home automated lighting systems is energy conservation. They make sure that the user uses only the required amount of energy. The light bulbs installed in such systems are energy efficient dimmers, which allows the user to adjust the intensity of light. Using dimmers not only increases the life of the bulbs but also reduces the energy consumed by 75%. Thus reducing the billing amount by 40% on an average. provides personalised services as per the client’s budget and requirement.

Other Additional Benefits:

  • The type of lighting not only improves the quality of work and experience but also has a major role in setting the right environment according to the user’s mood. Such systems provide a range of lighting effects to choose from and therefore the user can illuminate the house according to the occasion.
  • Home automated systems such as these often use virtual home assistants and smartphones as remotes. Therefore, the use of switchboards and fixtures is reduced or replaced by smart devices thus, beautifying the walls.
  • Motion sensors do not even require an ‘on and off’ application and thus are very useful at night for lighting up dark passages and driveways without any physical aid.