Array of Choices in Window Automation

Windows in our homes, theatres and commercial spaces have come a long distance from serving a utilitarian purpose of naturally lighting up the rooms. A Blind or shade on a window is as much a part of elegant furnishing as a piece of art mounted on the wall next to it.

Today, home automation solutions offer a large array of motorised window treatments. Some of the popular options are as follows,

Top 5 Window Automation Products

  1. Curtains
  2. Shutters
  3. Blinds
  4. Drapes
  5. Awnings

Window motor systems out in the market today are silent, discreet, robust and flexible. Thanks to the advancements in home automation technologies, these can now be closed or opened with the push of a button on a hand held device or via a wall-mounted switch.


Convenience and light filtration are the top two factors that have contributed to the surge in the popularity of interior window automation products. These products work well in both residential and commercial setups. For instance, adding motorized drapes or shades to tall windows can help you maintain light control without the hassle of long cords or wires. Cords and wires can also prove to be a danger for pets or young kids.

The environmental efficiency and thermal comfort provided by window automation solutions can contribute significantly towards health and overall well-being of the occupants.

Improper use or application of excessive force while opening or closing curtains manually can damage them. Motorization helps increase the life-span of the fabric and the installation as a whole.

Organizations like HDH Tech provide Centralized management solutions to control the setting and operations of drapes. A free consultation with their subject matter experts can be scheduled via Such a consultation can help you make an informed decision while selecting window automation solutions.