Smart home personalization has come to great heights these past few years, and home living has never been as easier as today. Home automation has become a key player in the home building industry, as more and more people shift to automated systems to power up virtually everything in the house, from appliances to security, to lighting.

Now, we can’t emphasize enough how handy automated lighting is. What used to be the tedious task of turning lights off in the morning or lighting up at night has transformed into something so easy that it gets done as fast as you blink.

Smart lighting control system interconnects all of the home lights into a central control hub that allows the user to set the time in which they may be turned on or off. Some systems also light up any space by detecting movement through motion sensors.


Automated lighting control systems actually offer a great deal of benefits, one being that it promotes energy efficiency. In smart lighting, lights can be turned on or off at intervals. There is also an option to adjust brightness, dimming or ramping light as needed.

Based on studies, 38% of the electricity consumption go to lighting. With automated light controls, you can definitely lower this number significantly.


Homes with smart lighting not only allows brightness adjustment, it can also set the tone of light whether it be cool or warm. Having lights that automatically adjust to the time and season can help improve sleep and mood.

Smart lighting also gives an added layer to the house security built in place. For example, when you are on vacation, you can still set the lighting times remotely through your handheld device. This gives the impression of an occupied home, potentially preventing any attempted burglary.

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