Motorized options for window treatment are an elegant twist to blinds and shades, and people are loving the idea of automizing their shutters. The convenience and sophistication this home automation equipment for windows is definitely a step above the manual versions.

There are so many selections to choose from when it comes to the make of motorized blind and shade—you can choose to personalize them with your preference of fabric, texture, size, color and opacity. This customizability feature not only adds to the charm of any home or private space, it also gives a unique touch that defines you.

Here we will focus on the vinyl motorized blinds and motorized solar shades—are they worth purchasing, and do they last?


Vinyl is a synthetic (man-made) material made up of ethylene and chlorine, which forms a plastic consistency. Vinyl has many uses, one popular use being the phonographic records for music, but they can also be an option for your motorized blinds.

Automated vinyl blinds are preferable because of their durability. Motorized vinyl blinds have good resistance to extreme weather, and also considered to be robust. More so, vinyl come in different colors and sizes, making it very versatile and easy to customize according to your fondness. Maintaining vinyl blinds are also easier since the material is pretty easy to clean.


Shades for windows are also popular especially in brightly lit areas. They minimize the glare and control the ambience of the room. One of the best options for window shades is the motorized solar shade, which can be battery- or electricity-operated depending on your choice.

The best feature of solar shades is the ability to block harmful UV rays that seep through even when the windows are closed. This comes in a mesh-like, see through fabric that effectively blocks UV rays while still letting in enough light to brighten up the room. Material for solar shades are highly durable, making them cost-effective for you.

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