Smart home automation and lightning controllers

Home automation and lighting controllers let you integrate and control the security systems, lighting system, home climate among others, with much convenience. Some of the automated home controllers are:

Full controllers technology

Full controllers let you be in control of many aspects of your smart home. It can control aspects such as lighting, heating as well as security, among others. An example of a full controller technology for your home is the Z-wave.

  • Z-wave

This is a wireless home automation technology that uses the Z-wave devices such as Apple Homekit, Amazon Alexa and Google home to let you have a complete control of your lighting, heating and security systems, among others. It lets you know what’s happening in your home at all time.

Platform specific controllers

These are controllers made by particular tech companies to control their range of products that are used to control your smart home. They therefore do not support other products from other tech companies. Examples of such controllers include:

  • LightwaveRf

This controller is used to mainly control the lighting system and the power control. It controls a wide range of products that are used to control lighting and power in smart homes.

  • Philips Hue

This technology is controlled by Hue Bridge and is used to control the hue lights from devices such as phones, tablets and computers.

Voice controllers

Some of the voice controllers are:

  • Amazon Alexa

This controller lets you control your entertainment devices, internet connection as well as heating and lighting system just by the command of your voice. Other systems that it can control are doors and blinds. To use this controller, you will need an Amazon Echo that will have to be connected to your devices through a Wi-Fi connection.

  • Apple Homekit

To use this controller, you will have to use the iOS Homekit app on your iphone or Mac computers. You can control so many smart home systems from a single mobile app. You can also use your voice to command this controller.

  • Google Home

This is a new controller in the market. It lets you control your music and home just by your voice commands. To use this controller, you will require the Google home hardware to work with other systems in your smart home.

Cloud controllers

These controllers control their devices using the cloud server. Examples of the cloud controllers are:


This stands for If This Then That. This system controls the smart automation from the cloud by the use of internet connectivity. No hardware is required in order to use this service.

  • Nest

This is also another controller that will automatically connect to your Wi-Fi and control your smart home through the devices that it only connects to. No hub is needed in order to use this controller. It will work with IFTTT to control your smart home.