Hand Controls for Automatic Lighting

Today there are lights which offer safety in the dark by coming on when they detect motion within a certain range. The light that comes on is known as orientation light. The lights are built with an integrated LED. If required the undimmed room light can be switched on without contact by a motion in the range of 5 cm. The motion detector works within a range of 360* and comes with a wide range of functions. It detects motion and comes on and it can also operate as twilight switch. The light has IR remote control which works on occupancy imitation.

 Lutron for Smart Lights

Smart Lighting is lighting which can be controlled by customized buttons which can just be pressed. Lights in different rooms in the house can be switched on or off just with a tap. If you have a home theatre you can have lights illuminating the theatre when the pause button is pressed and when the room is unoccupied the lights can go off automatically.  When you are away you can alternate lights to appear occupied. Smart lighting can be used in one room or the entire house. Wireless lighting adds sophisticated style with sleek color arrangement.

What Human Sensor Switch can do

The sensor switch is built with automatic infrared technology and can be used in places where automatic lighting is required. When you enter the room light will come on and when you leave the light will go off. This light can be used in places where automatic light is needed like garage, basement, bathroom, corridor and storage. You do not have to hunt for light switches nor worry about switching off the light. Build track motion sensor is convenient and energy saving. Light can come on in passageways and stairwells only when a person is walking up or down.  Use Lutron automated lights and save energy.