Motorized Blinds to Accentuate your Smart Home

What are Motorized Blinds?

A motorized blind is also known as a smart shade, which can be installed to your home. These blinds can be controlled with the right smartphone app, and sometimes with additional device components to extend its reach in the area.

Smart shades are wireless, which means that it can be controlled remotely. The installation may even allow linkage to voice controllers like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomeKit.

With such remote capability, you should be able to control the shades anywhere in the room. Exploring the smart shade further, it can be linked to a phone. This way, you can uncover possibilities to setup triggers which can automatically signal the motorized blinds to give you cover or exposure. The triggers can be made by putting up a schedule. Say you’d like a morning light by 7am? Done. Say you’d prefer a private room? Done. The smart shade is built to accommodate and deliver high tech wonder at home.

What is the performance that you should look for?

It is a important that smart shades are non-obstructive. This means that the motors should operate quietly and smoothly to the point where you should not feel bother that it is furling or expanding. It is also ideal that the batteries can last for more than two years before replacement. You would not want a motorized blinder that does not work when you need to. Immediate response to commands is highly desired as well as low energy consumption.

How can it fit with the style in my house?

The ideal product should surely be aesthetically pleasing and customizable. Especially, if you are aiming for a modern look in your home. It should not only be able to add elegance, but also functions as what shades should be. Whether it is a design that is a roller or honeycomb style, aesthetics plays a factor to be able to blend in the space.

How much should I pay for it?

To be realistic, the price of motorized blinds is expensive, but there are still designs in the market that is affordable if you are the type that is willing to invest in building a smart home. The product should speak well for its price. With such functions and price value, the quality should be second to none.