From Standard Hotel Rooms to Smart Hotel Rooms

Did you know?

There are intelligent ways to control heating, ventilation, air conditioning and including the light system to minimize energy consumption. The use of these equipment contributes greatly to operational costs. By integrating a smart technology in these aspects, hotel operators can easily perform better climate control and lighting adjustments.

Imagine the possibility of:

  • The system being able to detect the right temperature needed based on the occupancy of the area with motion sensors; or
  • For air conditioning systems to be able to determine the right amount of air flow with the temperature in order to deliver comfortable working conditions; or
  • Lighting systems to automatically switch on the first time with the right dim based on the time of day, reducing the need for occupants to always configure them; or even perhaps
  • Automatically turning off lights where there are no occupants for a long period.

These all help reduce energy waste, which is equivalent to cost. The capability to monitor such activities with smart technology is not only applied to hotel rooms, but even to other spaces of the building; like the lobbies, spa, dining areas, stockrooms, and many more. It is even applicable with outside lounges, and gardens.

Now that you know…

The advantage of these types of technology poses more benefits that you can imagine. It allows you to take care of your space in the smartest way possible without having to roam around and investigate each one. The program setup of these components will not just be tied to one configuration. It may be modified to adapt to different locations, seasonal periods, new room requirements, schedules, etc. The activity tracking system can even serve as inputs to predictive setups to have better performance.

In the long run, there can only be improvements that can be expected because it is the nature of human thinking. We think better ways to make our lives easier, to transform complex tasks into simple tasks so that we can dedicate in thinking other problems to solve.