Modern Lighting and Dimmer Switches by Lutron

Before the advent of modern lighting, the method to operate a light switch was straightforward. It was as simple as turning the switch on or off. However, with shifting needs and modern technology, effective light controls are introduced. The light switches that are being offered have become more sophisticated. And the improvement is not just by design, but with functional use as well. To receive ample lighting under specific environments has proved to increase motivation, productivity, and in general, our mood towards an activity.

HDH Tech provides several Lighting and Dimmer Switches provided by Lutron Installers and Lutron Dealers, which can be suitable for your space. Below are some of the types which can help narrow down your choices.

Lutron Diva & Dimmer Switch

Lutron Installers and Lutron Dealers have designed a simple yet elegant style that is perfect for any living room space. It has a typical push to turn on/off along with a thin paddle that can be dragged up/down according to the preferred lighting. The switch is offered in different colors and finishes to blend with any space.

Sunnata Touch Dimmer

This switch is newly offered by Lutron Installers and Lutron Dealers which features one of the most advanced lighting switches that are available in the market today. With its touch feature, one would simply be amazed at how lighting controls have upgraded. The switch features a light glow that helps to be found during the night. Gone are the days when we would blindly feel for where the switch is located. The switch still retains a tap to switch on/off feature. But the selling point is the gradual swipe up/down to control the light dim. It mimics the same gesture as what we do with our mobile phones whenever we would browse using our index finger.

Skylark Dimmer

The design of this switch incorporates a traditional switch on/off and a sliding knob to adjust the dim. The cool thing about this design is that Lutron Installers and Lutron Dealers have made it feel more mechanical and easier to understand. Even with guests around to the house, lighting control need not take a few seconds to stare at, just to try to figure out how it works. With its traditional switch, most guests will easily infer that it is the one to control the lights. And having a sliding knob gives a better feel on the lever that adjusts the dim.

Rotary Dimmer

Lutron Installers and Lutron Dealers have designed this switch which features a dial that can be rotated to adjust the dim and a standard push to turn on/off the switch. The design in the actual form looks very stylish and classy. The mechanism to use the dim feature is quite similar when using a combination lock. It requires the person to rotate the dial left/right to adjust the dim to their liking. But of course, finding the right level will not unlock any door.

Aurora Smart Bulb Dimmer

What makes this Smart Bulb Dimmer impressive is its capability to be controlled with a smartphone. The mechanism is very easy to install and operate. Through Lutron Installers and Lutron Dealers, the Aurora Smart Bulb Dimmer can be inquired upon. The product is, however, compatible with Phillips Hue and other Zigbee-certified smart bulbs for now. Upon mounting the dimmer, the switch’s ultimate position should be placed “On/Up.” Now, this may sound odd, but despite the switch being technically kept in the “On/Up” position, the lighting can still be operated to turn Off.

Once installed, the setup allows individuals to double-tap on the wall mount button to turn the light on/off. The knob can also be used to rotate to the preferred dim. The main feature of the switch is the smartphone app control. It allows the user to control the lights, even in different rooms where the fixture is installed. This is very convenient to manage at a distance.

Centurion Dimmer

Lutron Installers and Lutron Dealers have provided this type of dimmer which also follows a rotary style design. However, it carries a more refined look that can help the user easily gauge the lighting control. It has a usual setup to push to turn on/off as well as a rotary that can be turned left/right for the dim. The style of the knob has a dial indicator which makes it simpler to use. Instead of always looking at the lights for the usual dim lighting, one can just remember indicator levels and adjust from there.

Nova T Dimmer & Switch

The design on this switch emits a minimalist style with its linear slide. With its flat, thin lever, it makes it convenient to hold and control. The use of the switch is straightforward. To slide it down will turn the light off while sliding it up will give the brightest lighting possible. In between is where one can adjust the lightness or darkness from the place.

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