Leveraging Light Sensors for your Space

For your Home

People tend to have a habit of knowing when to turn on the lights and yet keeps forgetting to turn it off. Honestly, I too am guilty for neglecting. If you ask me, it is not because I wouldn’t want to do it. Rather, the task to do it does not come up as a priority when you have a million things to think about. Of course, we would always want to do the right thing and conserve energy. But we cannot discard the fact that there are times when we just naturally overlook them.

If you think about it, these little things – like forgetting to turn off the lights for a couple of hours tend to sum up if the habit progresses. Often than not, we realize that it is already too much when the electricity bill comes knocking at the front door.

With light sensors implemented in your home, these menial tasks can be handled. By having the proper program setup, the lighting can be utilized in the most efficient way. It can turn on when there are people at home and turn off when the last person leaves the room. This does not only apply to one specific lighting in a room. It even applies to the whole house where such devices are installed.

In the Office

Taking into capacity of a larger space with a larger set of occupants, cost saving is a big deal. Imagine light sensors programmed to turn on at 9AM and to turn off at 9PM. Furthermore, imagine the lighting to only operate from Monday to Friday. Wouldn’t that be beneficial?

Personally, I think that it makes a huge difference. It cultivates the feeling of security for owners and at the same time contributes to the general good for our mother earth.