How do I Install Motorized Blinds and Shades?


What you need to consider

When it comes to the installation of motorized blinds and shades, you would need to pay close attention to the detailed specifications. There are a lot of brands that will offer you the best on their product line. However, it may also appear a lot to handle. One of the sure bets is with Lutron Dealers. Not only will they offer you top-of-the-line products, but also expert Lutron Installers whether they are in Lutron Installers NYC, Lutron Installers NJ or Lutron Installers CT area. The last thing that you would want to have is owning expensive motorized blinds that will not fit your window.

Lutron Shades and Lutron Blinds

If you look at the product catalog provided by any Lutron Dealer, you will notice several types of motorized shades available. From the Sivoia NYC, Palladiom System NJ, to the popular Serena System CT – there is certainly one that will be suitable for any high-end setup that you would like to achieve. What’s great about Lutron products are that they offer a combination of beauty, high quality and luxurious feel at a very affordable price. They also offer a variety of colored fabrics and textures from which you can customize. The motorized shades also operate quietly, and which can avoid disturbance to the serenity of the room. It also does not require heavy wiring that brings a whole new approach to motorized shades.

Lutron Shades is one of the leading products in the industry that meets today’s demands. One of the popular aspects is being able to connect to wireless devices and operate via voice commands.

Lutron Installers and Lutron Dealers

As we have mentioned, if you happen to be around Lutron Dealers NYC, Lutron Dealers NJ or Lutron Dealers CT area, then you are simply covered by available Lutron Installers. When we say Lutron Dealers, here we are talking about where you can purchase good products. Most of the service team should be able to accommodate your preferences on Lutron Blinds or Lutron Shades. As for Lutron Installers, each service team would have dedicated experts that can accompany you with your installation. This eliminates the hassle of setting it up incorrectly or from further damages.

Installation on your own

If approaching Lutron Installer NYC, Lutron Installer NJ, or Lutron Installer CT is not your choice, and you opt to install the Lutron Blinds on your own, you can of course do so. However, you must be comfortable doing the electrical work. Most installations are relatively simple to execute and could be done with the use of a drill, measuring tape, and a leveller.

If you need to mount the shades or blinds inside the window frame, there you should attach 2 mounting brackets on each side. For heavier installations, you would need to consider accurate measurements across the board. Make sure that you have put the brackets and screws in the right position as it will be difficult to correct this later on. We suggest you double-check everything before the final mount.

Electric plugs vs. battery powered

There are motorized blinds that could either require corded installation or a cordless one. For Lutron Shades NYC, Lutron Blinds NJ, or Lutron Products CT, most products would be wireless and battery-powered. For this, there are of course advantages. Electric plugs having infinite life whereas battery-powered are more cost-saving. It is up to you which one you will prefer. However, for Lutron Products, the Serena product line is the most attractive and rather appealing to the market. Not only will it be easier to mount, but it is also a product that is full of features to control and adjust to your liking. Having it linked to the mobile app, there is more that could be done such as managing grouping scenes and adjusting the automatic features and functions.

Aside from that, you could also get more features with Serena, thanks to the climate control feature which can be integrated with a wi-fi thermostat and even with the commercialized Apple Watch. One of the other things to also consider aside from installation is to make sure that the area is accessible. Otherwise, you will have a hard time reaching for it again should it need replacement, repair, or cleaning. But again, these could come easier if you opt to hire an expert installer to do the job for you. Not only will it save you time but it will also save you the effort and bring you better quality on mounting.

If you are interested to find Lutron Installers and Lutron Dealers, visit HDH Tech. You can reach them through their website or call them at (855) 850-3808