Why We Need Automatic Home Lighting Controls

We are embracing the fast and modern technology almost everywhere. After getting success in commercial and industrial areas, automation in residential sides is increasing day by day. People are showing interest to know the system and also its benefits.

Types of Automatic Lighting Controls

Dimmer Switch: This advanced system helps the users to control the desired level of lighting. The lighting can be adjusted from bright to dark according to users’ preferences.

Daylight availability: In this system, lighting is automatically controlled and adjusted by the daylight of availability. 

Occupancy Sensors: Occupancy sensors detect the occupancy in a room or a specific area. The lights go off automatically if a place is not occupied for a certain time. This is a good option for the bathrooms.

Motion sensors: With this system, the sensorsdetect the movement when a person or a vehicle arrives and switch off the light automatically when no motion is there for a certain time. This automatic control is used normally for the outdoor lights.


The system is beneficial for home security. If the residents arrive late at night or away for a vacation, there is always a risk of burglary or other crimes in a dark place. But the automatic home lighting controls can mitigate the danger.

The automatic system simplifies lighting design by get rid of light switches.

Energy saving is happening effectively because of the automatic system. Also you will be able to reduce the electricity bill.

Accidents can happen if we need to switch on the light manually in a dark room.

The automation makes our lives comfortable and peaceful.  We don’t need to worry if we forget to turn off the lights.

The automation makes our lives comfortable and peaceful. To get proper information and guideline for automatic home lighting controls, lutronlightingandshades.com is the right place to visit.