Why Is Lighting Control a Must Have for Your Home Security System?

It is a well-known fact that light is the burglar’s worst night-time enemy, and a well-lit home is usually one that burglars will stay away from. Studies show that lighting is a burglar deterrent in the sense that it reduces anonymity; exterior lighting makes potential thieves feel they will be caught in the act. Well lit neighborhoods are considered to have a stronger sense of community, the light in this case works as an informal social control to prevent break-ins. an automated lighting system takes it a step further as it allows the user to dictate the time that the lights turn on and can be integrated with a security system. This article will review the reasons why an automated lighting system is a must have for your home.

Enhanced security

In situations where you’ll have to go home late, an automated lighting system allows you to turn on exterior lights even before you leave your car, newer systems can even turn on the lights before you start your journey home. When integrated with a security systems, the lights can be programmed to turn on automatically the moment the alarm is disabled at night.

Programmable lighting

For those who live alone or are constantly worried about break-ins. A single light can be set to turn on during the periods where the house is most vulnerable; for instance, a light in the living room could be programmed to come on from 12-5 a.m.

Interior lights can also be programmed to turn on automatically once an alarm is activated. Furthermore, the lighting system can be set to turn on at sunset and turn of in the morning if you’re out for the night or away on a trip.