What are the major pros & cons of home lighting and control systems?

For stunning lighting with energy conservation at your fingertips, you need a home lighting and control system. Perhaps you have seen how incredible the lighting effects can be with such a scheme, not to mention how convenient. Lutron installers and Lutron dealers NY can make this possible for you. You just need to give them a call to make a consultation.

With Lutron Installers and Lutron Dealers NY, you can combine your lights with motorized shades or motorized blinds. Lutron shades NJ and Lutron blinds NJ are the epitomai of sophistication and pragmatism rolled into one.

If you are still uncertain about whether you need such a system or not, here are some pros and cons to provide you with clarity.


  1. It is convenient. With a click or two, you can control not just the lighting in your room but also the motorized blinds and motorized shades. You can get the right combination of light and shading without having to get up and go around the room.
  2. Lighting control becomes quick and easy. You can choose to dim or brighten the lights, depending on your mood and needs. If you want to create drama with your lights, emphasize this to your Lutron installers and Lutron dealers. They will be glad to give you precisely what you want. You can combine the lights with Lutron shades CT and Lutron blinds CT.
  3. You can create lighting schemes without a lot of hassle. Combining the lights you have with the motorized shades you purchase from Lutron Installers and Lutron dealers may create a different mood than just picking one central light. With the use of Lutron shades and Lutron blinds, you can remove the outside light from the equation.
  4. It is energy-saving because you have better control of what lights can turn on or not – at any given time. Talk to your Lutron installers and Lutron dealers NY about this. They are capable of ensuring that you can dim your lamps up to 10%. By merely dimming the lights, you don’t notice the decrease of light sources as you would when turning off some of the bulbs. Choosing energy-saving bulbs will also help in decreasing your power bill.
  5. It prolongs the life of your lamps. By controlling how each lamp or bulb is used, a home lighting and control system can help your lamps and bulbs last longer. You do not overuse any of the bulbs.
  6. It beautifies your room without you having to fill it with knickknacks and décor. The lighting changes will create varying looks with just a click or two. There is no need to rearrange the room for different purposes. You can quickly choose between bright lighting for family gatherings and dimly lit, romantic lights for a couple’s staycation.
  7. It goes excellent with motorized blinds. Having automatic systems make for a very modern home. Using motorized shades and blinds together with your home lighting and control system creates consistency. You don’t want to be fiddling with a cord when you also have a one-click control for the rest. That won’t jive.

The pros above certainly make home lighting and control systems an attractive investment. Read on to find out if the cons can make a dent in these benefits.


  1. Professional Installation is needed. So, you need to consult experts such as Lutron installers and Lutron dealers NY. If you install the home lighting and control system incorrectly, you may experience malfunctions. The system can also be challenging to use when something has not been set up correctly. As much as you may want to perform a DIY to save, you may end up with more expenses if things go wrong.
  2. Expensive maintenance is needed to ensure that the lights last long without causing problems. You may need to change some parts during your usage, especially if the system has been up for years. Ask Lutron installers and Lutron dealers what the outlook is like for your particular installation. By consulting experts, you may also reduce the chances of having to perform maintenance repairs.

While the cons seem to point more at possible extra expenses, professionals should provide you with sturdy materials. With these materials’ longevity, you can ensure fewer problems and reduced costs.

Home lighting and control systems can certainly make your room look more beautiful, sophisticated, and modern. With professional installers such as those from Lutron, you should have fewer worries and more advantages to enjoy. The lighting system can be combined with automatic blinds and shades to supplement the room lights’ dimming and brightening. With this combination, your room feels more like a 21st-century stunner.