Types of Window Treatments: Motorized Blinds, Shades and Others

Window treatments entail window modification and covering towards enhancing aesthetics in the room. There are different type of treatments you can use for your windows. The treatment types are discussed subsequently.

Hard Treatment

This type of treatments is manufactured from vinyl, wood or other hard materials. Example of hard treatment includes motorized blinds that are used for automatically closing and opening the windows. There are also Window shades that are made from fabric with the ability to fold, stack or roll. The earlier shades can only be viewed through after rolling up the shades, however, there are some recent ones that have view-through feature. Wood shutters such as poly resin shutters and wood shutters as well as windows blinds such as aluminium blinds, faux wood blinds and wooden blinds are other examples of hard treatment for windows.

Soft Treatment

Soft treatments entail the window treatments that are manufactured from soft materials such as Drapery and curtains. They can be used to cover up the window when the need arises. They can also be shifted aside or rolled up for ventilation or lighting purposes. They provide aesthetics to the window and the room. When rolled down, they provide privacy and security.

Around window treatments

There are some treatments that are available for round the window such as German Fensterverdachung, Window Valance, Cornice board or pelmet as well as molding (which are used for decorative purposes).

Glass treatments

You can also add some treatments to the glass to either made it more beautiful or for to make it less transparent. Examples of treatments that you can apply directly to your glass include stained glass, smart glass and frosted glass. The stains and frosts could serve as nice designs on your glass, while providing your room some direct cover.