The Top 3 Perks of Voice Activated Lights in Your Smart Home Systems

With the advancing of modern technology, home automation has not only become a reason for bragging rights but has rather become a necessity for the global community. Smart home automation has been bringing energy efficiency and greater security to all homeowners since it has been first introduced into the market. With people realizing how important it is, its market revenue has been progressively increasing as well. One of the more advanced home automation technology is the control of house gadgets by use of voice control or voice activation.


What are some of the perks of having a voice activation system in your home automation?

Ease of Control

Imagine a life where you just say your commands out loud and all the gadgets inside your house respond to what you’re saying. That’s exactly how voice activation works! With a home automation system that can control all your home gadgets with the use of voice activation, you can now turn off your lights any time of the day without having to walk around your house to shut off light switches individually. You can even turn on your Wi-Fi lights with a voice-activated light switch!

Energy Efficiency

With the use of voice-activated home automation system, you can now save the energy that needs saving- including human energy. You can now switch on and off everything inside your home with just one command- your lights, your television, your home audio system, and many others. This means saving energy and cutting costs! With this system, you will see the obvious changes in the numbers stated on your monthly bills!

Improved and Greater Security

Smart homes are indeed a nightmare to burglars. Why? Well you can control everything remotely from inside your home or even when you’re away. Imagine the shocked face of a burglar when you caught him red-handed with your awesome voice-activated lights! Check with Lutron Shades and Lighting for the best voice-activated lights and other smart home gadget systems.