The Need for Motorized Blinds

Home automation is rapidly transitioning from being a luxury to becoming a necessity in our modern lifestyle. Something as mundane as drawing a blind has been motorized to make our lives more convenient.

Top 5 benefits of Motorised Blinds

  1. Convenience – If you have a large home with numerous windows, then automated blinds are an ideal solution for you. They not only save the effort of opening and closing blinds but they can also be remotely scheduled to work when you are away from home.
  1. Energy Savings – Blinds and curtains can go a long way in keeping your rooms insulated during severe winters and hot summers. Automating this process can ensure that the blinds closed and open at pre-scheduled times even when you are not at home. Most solutions can be controlled remotely as well.
  1. Preserving Furnishings – Direct sunlight can not only heat up the room but can also discolour your furnishings over time. Automating the closing of blinds can make sure that sunlight does not cause any damage to the furniture present in a particular room.
  1. Beauty and Elegance – Gone are the days when curtains were drawn to serve a utilitarian purpose. These days, blinds and drapes can become as much a part of the art as they are of the furniture. Automated blinds are discreet and smooth in their operation and can provide just the right elegance quotient to your living spaces.
  1. Security – Regular opening and closing of blinds or curtains can give one the impression that someone is at home even when it is not occupied. This can help prevent burglaries and break-ins.

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