The Edge Motorized Blinds Give Our Homes

Windows serve many purposes in our homes and offices from ventilation, natural lighting to cosmetic appeal.  Together with these apertures come an array of window treatments, most popular of which are blinds which are an attractive and practical way to protect the interiors and adds to the overall cosmetic appeal. But do we really have to opt-out of traditional pull and tug draperies instead of motorized blinds? Here are some reasons why we should consider automating our window blinds.

5 Advantages of Motorized Blinds


Having to manually open and close, raise and lower the blinds in all your windows at different times in a day is a hassle. And let’s be honest, there are times we either leave them alone it’s just too tedious.  Automation will enable you to adjust blinds with a central control system in the palm of your hand.

Energy Savings and Home Comfort

When you can adjust your blinds remotely, you can control natural light and the amount of heat that is filtered into your home.  This will result in your air conditioning and central heating system working more efficiently. You can even install sunlight sensors on motorized blinds to automatically close them.

Security, Safety and Privacy

The regular movement of blinds in homes will deter intruders as it will appear that someone is at home.  You can preset motorized blinds together through your home automation system when you travel. Being cordless, it makes tripping accidents lesser.  Privacy is also protected as you do not have to go near a window to manipulate the blinds.


Motorized blinds will provide ample protection to interior furnishings especially those that are situated near windows that are constantly exposed to the midday sun.


The streamlined look of motorized blinds adds to interior appeal.  Unlike manually adjusted blinds, these automated window treatments are uniformly arranged by the smooth motion of the mechanism.

A Worthwhile Investment

As a homeowner, you make a significant investment in building and furnishing your home.  The true value of motorized blinds is that they do provide significant practical and aesthetic benefits that will improve your quality of life.  Engaging a professional company such as Lutron Shades and Lighting will ensure top-quality installation and automation. Their 30 years of experience in the industry is a testament to their enduring standards.