Smart Lighting: A Smart Home Essential

Smart Homes are here to stay. Regular chores, like switching off lights when you leave a room are not! With evolving technology, Smart Lighting has given the convenience of remotely control the lighting in a room with a voice, an app, or even Bluetooth!

Setting this up might sound complex, but professionals like Lutron Installers NYC and Lutron Dealers NJ can realize your dreams of a smart home.

From Automated light control systems to Motorized Shades and Motorized Blinds, there are a host of options available to consider before your first investment in a smart home. In this article, we break down the advantages of smart lighting, types of smart home essentials, where are they used in homes, costs, and where one can buy these from.

Why Do I need Smart Lighting?

Smart Lights are like regular lights except they are automated! By connecting them to a wireless connection such as a home WIFI or a hub, which acts as an interface between the bulbs and a wireless router. Smart Lights are useful because


One doesn’t need to manually switch lights anymore. In addition to this, one can also schedule lights to turn on or off, for a particular time of day, such as before sleeping.

-Saves Energy

By removing the manual task of switching off lights, and thereby controlling that from a remote device like a mobile, will make a significant improvement in monthly electricity bills.


Remotely accessing lights through a phone app or even voice, allows greater control.

-Remote Access

Even when one is away from home, through a simple mobile connection, one can be fully aware of lights in use through such smart feature capabilities.


Mood lightings for rooms through control over light intensity is another benefit of smart lighting solutions.

All of the above is not just true for homes but can also be replicated for commercial establishments, schools, Outdoors, Business, and Universities with smart lighting solutions by Lutron Installers CT, Lutron Installers NJ, and Lutron Dealers NYC.

What are the types of Smart Home Essentials?

Smart Lights- When choosing bulbs, there are usually two kinds, white light and the other with color-changing functions. The white ones are cheaper. These have standard light shades like warm white which resembles an incandescent light bulb and the cool white which has a blueish tinge.

Motorized Blinds-Blinds are window coverings of wood or faux wood. Motorized Blinds are a type of Smart Blinds that can be controlled by a simple button say on an app or through voice like smart home systems Alexa or Google Homes. Besides blocking light, smarts blinds like ones by Lutron Blinds NJ, Lutron Blinds NYC, and Lutron Blinds CT, provide the added benefits of Energy Efficient, Voice-activated, and remote control of light, thereby preventing heat loss and privacy within convenience.

Motorized Shades -Window coverings made of fabrics are called shades. Motorized shades are automated and can be positioned as per the time of the day or intensity of sunlight. They are energy-efficient, maintain privacy, and can be customized for different spaces in your house. Lutron Shades NJ, Lutron Shades NYC, and Lutron Shades CT also add elegance and ambiance to homes through different fabrics. With these shades, there is no more hassle of coil entangling.

The above list is not comprehensive but includes the essentials of a smart home. Custom solutions for homes and business establishments are available through service providers like Lutron Dealers and Lutron Installers.

Where do I use them?

Smart Lights can be used at points of focus within your house. Take for instance the ceiling lamp in a living room, light strips behind the television and spotlights in the dining room. Within the immediate line of sight, these can be installed by the nearest Lutron Dealers and Lutron Installers. Not only that, but these are also compatible with dimmer switches and motion sensors to create rule-based light triggers.

What are the costs?

Initial setup costs for any smart lighting system are not cheap. However,  with a lot of upcoming brands in this futuristic technology, the costs are slowly falling.  In the long term, there is a sizeable difference in savings on electricity bills.  With reliable services like that of Lutron Installer and Lutron Dealers, there is safety and a guaranteed convenience in switching to Smart Homes. That goes a  long way in establishing the efficacy of Smart Lighting.

Where can I buy these?

Lutron Installers and Lutron Dealers of HDH Tech Service specialize in smart lighting systems for homes, businesses, and outdoors. With over 30 years of business experience,  they provide light automation and commercial shading solutions. To schedule a free consultation, they can be reached on 1 (855).848.9849. Lutron Dealers Gold certified,  HDH Tech Services is headquartered in New York and offers a comprehensive set of home automation system packages.