Smart homes- Home Automation and lighting control

Smart homes are those with automated home aspects such as lighting system, entertainment system and security system, just to mention a few. In today’s world, what could be automated in your home is seemingly endless. Even your grocery shopping can be automated and made possible with smart home appliances.

What is home automation?

Home automation is transforming your home into a smart home by integrating home aspects such as lighting system with smart lighting controllers which lets you control your lights just by the touch of a button; or by scheduling them to turn on or off using timers.  Other aspects that may be automated include your entertainment system, security system, safety system, water system and electric system.

Lighting controls you could buy for your smart home

Lighting controls are an integral part of home automation. There are tons of them in the market today. You only need to choose the right ones for your smart home; or have a professional lighting control installation expert do that for you.

What are some of the lighting controls you could buy?

  • LED Dimmers

LED dimmers work by controlling the brightness of your lights. You can control the ambiance to the level you deem fit. If you want your lights to be dimed when they’re too bright, you can achieve that effect just by the touch of a button on your touch panel. You can also control the brightness of your lights even when you’re not at home, using smart hub that has an internet connection.

  • Timers

Timers basically switch on or off your lights according to how they have been scheduled, without you having to worry about having to be physically present to switch on or off your lights. You can schedule them to switch on all lights at 6pm or any other time in the evening. You may also schedule them to switch off some of the lights like your bedroom lights immediately you go to sleep.

  • Motion detectors

Motion detectors work by switching on the lights when triggered by motion. They are much suitable for outdoor security lights. When installed, they will turn on the security lights when someone trespasses thus, keeping intruders off. Motion detectors may also be integrated with the alarm and security system for top security within your home property. It is not limited to lighting system only.

  • Occupancy and vacancy detectors

Occupancy sensors work by switching on the lights of the rooms that are occupied by a family member or family members. They basically sense the presence of people or a person and then switch on the lights and keep them on. When a room has been vacated, vacancy sensors take over by switching off the lights. They detect the absence and then switch off the lights. When these two lighting controls are put to work together, they achieve an amazing lighting control that you will fall in love with.