Reducing Costs in the Hospitality Industry Using Automatic Lighting Controls

Lighting automation system plays a vital role in the modern hospitality industry. With one of the biggest consumers of energy for HVAC and lighting, this industry needs to invest in energy consumption and be cost efficient. At experts do more than just appliance management and illuminating spaces, they provide energy efficient, technologically advanced lighting solutions that are pocket friendly and easy to use applications for hotels as well as commercial spaces.

The various ways in which hotels can cut costs and save energy using automated lighting solutions are as follows: –

  • Using LED dimmers:

LED dimmers use 75% less energy and last 25 times longer than normal bulbs. Dimming not only saves energy but also can add a personalised touch to a guest room experience and increase the efficiency of work.

  • Occupancy Sensors: –

Modern day thermostats are furnished with occupancy sensors which detect the presence of a person. Owing to this feature the temperature can be controlled automatically only when the space is occupied. This saves 15%-20% of total HVAC energy cost.

  • Smart Windows: –

Smart windows automatically alter the tint during different times of the day to control the amount of light entering the room through the windows and thus help to adjust the temperature of the room. These windows can block up to 90% of UV rays and save 70% more energy.

  • Motor Sensors: –

It is important for many hotels to illuminate lobbies, passageways, and staircases 24 hours a day for convenience of their guests. However, if they use motion sensor lights at these places, they will get illuminated only when a person passes by. Thus saving power and money.With fully automated lighting and application system the labour cost can be checked. Thus more efficiency in manual labour can be achieved with less number of staff. Thus saving a handful on staff salaries.