Motorized window shades- What to consider when purchasing them

There are a lot of motorized shades in the market today. This makes buying a motorized window shade a daunting experience for most buyers, especially those who are buying then for the very first time. So, what are the key things to consider when you are shopping for some motorized shades?

  • Motorized shade’s ease of use and operation

When looking for a motorized windows shade, choose the one that is easy to use and operate. Most motorized shades have few buttons on their remote controllers, making them easy to use even for people with visual impairment. They’re, therefore, the best for you because you will have an easy time controlling your windows using these motorized window shades.

  • Cost of the motorized shade

Since you are likely to stay within your budget when you are out shopping for some motorized window shades, you should know the cost upfront. This will help you plan your windows treatments and have your windows done according to your needs. Motorized shades cost differently depending on many factors such as the number of motors needed to operate the shade, the material of the shade and window’s total size.

  • The motorized shade style

Motorized shades also come in different styles. Some of the styles include: roller shades, solar shades, roman shades and pleated shades. You could choose a specific style, depending on your preferred taste and cost preference. Also, you could choose a particular shade based on what window you plan to put it on. In case you need any expert opinion when buying these shades, you could consult Lutron.

  • Safety of the Motorized shade

When buying your motorized shades, safety should be one of your major concern especially if you have young kids and pets. Cords that are just laying around could pose choking risk as well make your kids to trip on them. When buying the motorized window shades, you could buy battery powered ones. They are cordless and are therefore safe for use.