Motorized Blinds- High Tech Wonder at Home

Motorized blinds have revolutionized privacy of homes all other the world. What was once thought impossible is now possible, all thanks to the ever advancing home automation technology. With high tech motorized window blinds, you can secure your windows from prying eyes just the touch of a button.

You no longer have to climb up a ladder or a stool to draw up your blinds in the morning, to allow some lights into your room. With high tech blinds, just press the button on the remote controller and let the motors, which are either powered by battery or electric output, do the extra hard work for you. You deserve a piece of mind when you are at the office working so hard to give your family quality life.

Motorized blinds have advantages which their manually operated counterparts don’t have. For example, you can control them from any place using your smartphone or a remote controller. When the window is too high, you still can operate your blinds just by tapping a button on your touch panel. The motorized blinds also eliminate the possibility of your young children or even pets playing with any cords which may pose a threat to their safety. No tangles cases will be heard in your home when you use the motorized blind controllers. So, what are some of the motorized blinds that you could buy for your home?

  • Link Shades Wi-Fi

This motorized blind comes with shades which come in tow colors; a motor and a power supply. The shades are of high quality and blocks the excess sunlight very well. When connected to the power supply which should be near the windows, the motor speed is fast enough and operates without any noise.

You could connect the motors to Wi-Fi and then be able to control your blinds from your smart hub, which could either be a smartphone or a tablet. Connecting this motorized blind to the internet, though the FTTT is very possible, making you to be in a position to control your home privacy even when you are thousands of miles away from your home property. How convenient could that be?

  • The DYI Motorized Morning Rising Blinds

For those who love to get their hands dirty, you have the Morning Rising, which you can install by yourself. The average installation time for one blind per window is roughly 1 hour. When buying these motorized blinds, you will spend $120, which is half the price of other motorized blinds.

Buying it then installing it then installing it by yourself is very cheap when compared to having someone install it for you.