Knowing About The Smart Grid and Automated Lighting Systems

Smart grid is the combination of intelligent control, generation and distribution system. Smart meters, efficient and renewable energy resources and smart appliances are used in this system. The concept makes the power grid more flexible, stable and efficient. Scientists are continuously working on upgrading the grid system to keep the balance between the consumer demand and power supply. The demand is increasing, but with the current power grid it is not easy to fulfill that. So, the smart grid is the best solution for this problem.

Advantage of smart grid

The main advantage with this system is the smart metering, which helps to inform us the energy consumption at any time. So, the users can be more careful while using the appliances. They can cut down the consumption to reduce the electricity bill. The smart grid is very reliable. Fraud detection is much easier than before. Also, if there is a power outage, the meters can report that will make the restoration work faster. The effect on the environment because of the power grid is also a concerning issue. With the smart grid, the air pollution can be reduced by cutting down the carbon emission. It integrates renewable energy which is great for our mother earth.

Automated lighting systems and smart grid

The lighting system is always one of the top energy consumers in the residential and industrial sectors. But with the improvement of the technology, smart lights can be used in a more effective way. The dimmers, sensors and timers are helpful to reduce the usage and save more energy. Even some products are designed in such a way that, it can sense the load-shedding and respond it by lessening the load automatically.

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