Knowing About Different Operating System of Motorized Window Coverings

Motorized window covering system can be controlled by either wall-switch or remote control. A perfect window cover always makes the place spectacular.

Wall switch operated window cover

With the wall switch control system, there is no chance to misplace the controlling device. There are many types of switches with frames, designs and colors to choose according to your home architecture. It can be powered by either battery, solar power or hard wired. For battery option, there is no need for wiring, but you need to charge the battery. Also, the battery is needed to be replaced within 2-3 years. Some place has solar panel where solar power is used to recharge the battery. For the hard wired option, a power outlet is needed to plug in the cord directly. This is an expensive option but you do not need to charge or replace the battery. You can include sun sensors and timers to make the automation more convenient.

Remote control operated window cover

You can also operate the blinds or shades by the remote control. Different switches are there to control the shades as per needed. The remote controls are powered by battery. The system is very easy to manage and convenient. You can control all your windows without moving an inch. You can control your privacy by lowering or raising shades of those windows which are quite hard to reach. For powering the motor of the window shades, you can also choose either a DC or AC power source. You need to call the electricians for implementing these systems. No battery is needed here

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