Key considerations when buying Motorized curtains and Electric Drapes

You can take your privacy to a whole new level by using the motorized curtains and electric drapes that are controlled by a button. They not only provide privacy but security and safety as well since there wouldn’t be any cords to become entangled and/or choke the pet or the kids. Of course there are some key considerations to make before deciding which ones to purchase one.

What are some of the considerations made when buying these equipments?

The styles of the curtains

There are two major styles of the motorized curtains- the pinch pleat and the ripple fold. When comparing the two curtains, the pinch pleat normally stacks much smaller and tighter than the ripple fold.

The color and fabrics

Buy curtains that have the best fabric since this will determine how well your curtain will function and hold up over time. You will also need to consider the weight of the fabric because heavy fabric will cause the curtains to fold crisply and light fabric will cause the same to not fall well. Also choose the color you desire since they come in a range of colors.

Their modes of cleaning

Find out whether you will need a dry cleaner or a washing machine to clean your curtain when they become dirty. This choice will help you a great deal since trying to clean a curtain by yourself could only make you ruin a very good fabric. Cleaning them using the right method will help you save time and money in the long run.

The opening and closing of the shades

The stacking of the shades will affect the curtains since improper stacking will make the curtains to not clear windows’ glass in each side when fully opened. So, to provide enough room for the windows’ glass to be fully expose when the curtains are to be fully opened, an additional space will be required on both sides of the window.