Key considerations for electric drapes and motorized curtains

For a lot of people, drapes and curtains are still the traditional curtains where you have to slide them or the slightly modern version where you have to use a rope to operate the blinds. However, in recent times, electric drapes and motorized curtains has made things even more interesting and easier. You can have a windows blind that is powered by battery power, solar, DC or AC. It could also operate through a switch or remote control. However, when you want to get an electric drape or motorized curtain, here are some things you should consider.

Your needs

In terms of your needs, you want to first of all consider the power option for the curtain, your budget as well as the materials you want to use. You should know that the bigger the motorized curtain, the bigger its motor and the more the power that will be required to drive it. There are various types of material you can also choose from including cloth and vinyl. You might even want to opt for aluminium or wood for exterior shades.

Where you are placing them

The options you can go for could include fabric, vinyl, cellular or blackout if you want to use the curtain at the front door, skylight windows, bedroom windows for in your patio. You might also opt for custom made versions that will match your room theme or furniture. For exterior use, you want something stronger due to the harsh weather conditions outside including sun and rain. As a result you might want to opt for heavy vinyl or aluminium among others.

Where you can buy

There are still few stores where you can get electric drapes and motorized curtains. However, one of the best places where you can get a wide variety of high quality motorized curtains is