How to choose Motorized window treatments

You are planning to decorate your windows. Of course, you have a lot to choose from. They can be simple fabric-based to adjustable blinders. Old fashioned manual fixtures to Motorized and automatic transmission. Lutron installers have a lot of Lutron shades, Motorized shades, Lutron blinds and Motorized blinds. You can rely on them.

What is a Motorized window? 

A Motorized window is one that is operated upon by a motor. You can control the mechanics of your window with the help of a remote, smartphone or it may be installed for automatic operability. Lutron dealers offer all these options.

Reasons for choosing it

They are used as they add colour and texture to your room. They add space and control the light and shade of your room. They speak about the taste of the residents. Each room carries a different outlook. If you are not prepared to take up so much hassle. You can simply sit on a couch reading your favourite books and leave the rest on Lutron dealers.

Parameters for selecting the right choice

You should keep the following parameters in your mind while you decide what you want. Or instead of beating about the Bush. You can contact Lutron installers for assistance and guidance. They have lots more besides Lutron shades, Motorized shades, Lutron blinds and Motorized blinds.

You should keep in mind the following.

  • Mark the location of your window site: this is very important. As the available site, space and sizes may limit or open up your options. A limited space limits your options too.
  • Windows have fabric or mouldings: If your windows are in fabric then you can opt automatic shades but if you have decorative mouldings on your windows then you should preferably opt for Motorized blinds. (Lutron shades, Motorized shades, Lutron blinds are an ideal option).
  • Tailor your needs: Automatic shades as are thick so in rooms with privacy as a priority, they can be arranged. Whereas motorized or automatic blinds usually are meant for a controlled environment. It regulates the amount of sunlight entering your room with the click of a button. This is not an ordinary on-off switch. It is the simple touch of your smartphones.
  • Consider if you are tech-savvy: you may or may not be tech-savvy. So, if you are not smart technology-friendly you can choose simply on-off switches or remote controls and if you like controlling everything with the touches on your smartphone, you can opt for that. A third and better option could be making them connected to the central operating system. They are then regulated by an automatic Motorized system.
  • Styling of your room: The window treatments can change the total ambience of your room. The classical long pleated drapes in velvet can be simply classical. The looks can be changed with the help of fabric choice. Lightweight fabrics for curtains make the room look spacious and vice versa. Motorized treatments add technical support but your choice of treatment adds and enhances the ambience of your room.
  • Combining different options: Shades combined with thick drapes or curtains ensure maximum light holding. This is ideal for bedrooms at night or when you want a total blackout. On the contrary, Motorized sheers allow maximum sunlight entrance into a room e.g. living room, study room, patios etc.


Whatever options you have in mind you can make them customised under Lutron installers comfortably. You may choose from a wide range of their variety according to your personal preferences and colour combinations.


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