How the smart lighting control can be used to improve energy efficiency

Lighting controls are automatic devices for lighting or timers that are programmable. It is typically used in the house, offices, shopping malls, hotel and just about anywhere that there is a need to quickly switch on and switch off light appliances. Lighting controls are convenient and they provide security while most importantly saving energy.

The light control system usually works by the use of the photoelectric technology. Another option is to use a timer which sets the time period of use or the time to torn on and turn off.

How lighting controls improve energy efficiency.

Photocells or photoelectric sensors.

Automatic lighting control devices have photoelectric sensors or photocells which turn on the lights as soon as it gets dark and night commences. This is done so that people do not walk into an environment that is dark. This technology is ideal for lights found indoors and also for lights found outdoors. Thus, the lights are used only when needed ensuring that the energy is effectively conserved.

Clock Timers

Lighting controls with clock the clock timers activated ensure that they get to come on at specific time periods. Examples of clock timer functions in the lighting device are turning on and turning off of the security lights at time periods that you are not in the house or turning on and turning off of all the outdoor security lights from 6pm in the evening to 6 am the next morning. Again, this ensures that the lights get used only when needed and it is a great method of conserving energy.

Countdown timers

Countdown timers are mainly in public areas to make sure that the resources especially energy is not used excessively. It is integrated with fixtures like Jacuzzi jets, Sauna heats as well as bathroom lights. It ensures an adequate conservation of energy.

Motion Detectors.

Motion detectors are suitable for security lights located outdoors. The idea of the lights coming on all night is a bad economy in terms of energy savings. So, the motion sensors get activated anytime somebody crosses right in front of the region that is being monitored by the sensor. It is a great method for the conservation of energy.

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