Nowadays, the emerging trend in home living has shifted towards automation—the modern abode that can be considered “intelligent”. The smart home is the perfect blend of luxury and convenience, and now more and more homeowners are interested in transforming their house to fit their needs.

Indeed, smart house owners would agree that there are some pretty nice perks to home automation. One may claim that it’s a costly investment, but the truth is that automated electronic devices make life simply easier. Yes, humans can still do what home automation can do; like storing, copying and deriving information to be applied in the form of, say, turning lights on or off. The real question is, can we do it as fast as an automated system can?

No, and this is why man has done greatly by inventing and innovating automated electronic devices.


Automated electronic devices refer to any appliances or gadgets powered by electricity that are connected to a gateway or central hub. This allows for such devices to interact with each other and the control panel, sending and receiving signals. This is perfectly described in the umbrella term Internet of Things (IoT), which is the system of several interconnected devices that does not require human to human (or computer to human) interaction.


Domotics (from the Latin word domus, ‘home’) is a field of technology that deals with all phases of home automation. This includes the automated electronic devices that are integrated into the smart house. This enables the owner to monitor and manage devices such as lighting, thermostat, security and other aspects of house.

An automated or smart home is intelligent in a way that it is able to obey commands and provide important status updates in real time. This saves time, is energy-efficient and altogether a great convenience to home living.

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