Commercial motorized shades and blinds

Motorized shades and blinds are a convenient and resource efficient option for any contractor or business owner. Motorized blinds differ from their manual counter parts in the sense that they are driven by an actual motor connected to a power source such as the buildings power supply or replaceable internal batteries. The blinds are also often connected to a wireless control system such as a remote control or smartphone app.

Battery powered systems

Battery powered blinds are the least difficult option. As opposed to being connected to a string, the blinds have a tube at the top that pulls the shades up. The battery is fitted at the very top where it is connected to the motor. If you’re one that loves aesthetics, motorized blinds are the more fashionable alternative because they take up the least amount of space and their installation is not at all complicated. Battery powered models are also the best option for far away spaces that aren’t near a power outlets and for places where a wire wouldn’t be the wisest option such as a bathroom. These models should be powered by lithium batteries as these don’t wear out as fast as AA. None the less, this remains the battery powered model’s biggest drawback; the batteries must be changed eventually.

Hard wired systems

Hardwired motorized shades and blinds are connected directly to an external source of power such as a socket or dc adaptor. Installation however, is a lot more complex, and requires the services of a professional electrician. That said, the results are often impressive since these models can be controlled with a universal power distribution model that allows the control of all the blinds from a single point.