Automatic Lighting Control – Ways to Save on Your Electric Bill

‘Automatic’ is a word that we use very frequently these days. almost everything that we use have some sort of automation. This is no different when it comes to home appliances and controls. The field is called home automation and is quickly developing. The prices are coming down and the reliability of these systems are going up. A few years earlier, people were not sure about spending money on such home automation systems but this is not the case now. People see the advantages that such systems bring and hence are happy to spend money to install such automated systems. And automated lighting controls would be best choice to someone who is just started to automate his or her home. The reasons are :

Savings as far as electricity bills are concerned:

These automatic controls would be able to detect if a person is the room. This is done with the help of sensors and a microprocessor. This information would enable the controls to turn the lights off if there are no persons in the room. This in turn would improve the energy savings. Also the lights can be operated at different brightness and hence the energy savings can be increased in this manner as well.

A centralisation:

This means that all the controls of all the lights in the house could be accessed by the residents from a central location. Also there would additional option to control the lights from smart devices like phones or tablets. There would also be a remote control to control various features like brightness, timers etc. The user interface used would be simple to use hence all the residents would be able to use the controls quite easily.