Automatic Lighting Control System – The Perfect Life Line for Every Office

Almost every new house would have at least one home automation system in place. The major reasons for this increase in the number of houses having automation systems are that the cost of these systems have come down and that these systems have become very much maintenance free when compared to the systems available a few years ago. For a start, installing an automatic lighting control system would be a wise decision.

What is an automatic lighting control system?

This is basically a system that allows the residents to control the lights in the house from a central location in the house. There would be a remote control that would allow the users to control the lights as well. Also there would be sensors that detects if there are people in a room. So if there is no one in the room and if a light is switched ON, then the light would be automatically switched OFF.

These systems would also be able to work with other systems like the security system. So if an intruder arrives, the security system would be able to make the lighting system to switch ON particular lights without the need for manual intervention.

The advantages:

The most important advantage is that the electricity bills would be reduced by a large margin. Also there would reduction in the energy usage, which would make the office into a more eco -friendly one. the life of the lights that are used would increase because the ON time would be controlled by only switching the lights ON when they are required. Every one from kids to aged people in a house would be able to control the lights.