Automatic Lighting Control – Save Time and Money

Automatic lighting control deserve to be installed in every single place with lights that need to be switched on and off – be it a hotel, office or home. These programmable timers offer security and convenience in addition to helping you save on money and time.

Lighting Controls in Saving Time

Clock timers are part of lighting controls that can come in handy for homes or businesses with specific hours of operation for appliances or operation. The best function for these lighting controls is in turning on and off security lights. Consistency in lighting your home, compound or office – even in your absence can help dissuade burglars.

Photoelectric sensors, also known as photocells are also lighting controls that help you save time. These controls turn lights on immediately when daylight fades making sure that you’re safe at all times.

Evacuation routes also use lighting controls to save time. This is done through linking your fire alarm system to your lighting controls. The light turns on immediately the alarm goes off and in so doing speeds up evacuation by guiding people to the closest exit.

Lighting Controls in Saving Money

 Automation for your home or business will reduce your energy bills and help you save not just money, but also the planet. Lighting controls will save you money by:

  • Reducing energy bills by more than 35 percent when you install occupancy sensors in classrooms, bathrooms and boardrooms.
  • Reduce air conditioning expenses (minimize heat gain) through light dimmers that can adjust depending on the position of the sun.
  • Commercial dimmers can help reduce light expenses by more than 60 percent.

When people first visualize the idea of lighting controls, what excites them most is the convenience that comes with this automation. These controls have proved to us that they have more to offer besides the convenience; they can help you save money. It’s because of this, and other reasons, that is committed to ensuring you find lighting controls that suit your budget, style and requirements.