Smart Lighting: A Home Solution With Lots of Health Benefits

Smart Lighting has revolutionized homes with convenience and easy to use functionality. With contactless and simple voice recognition, no more late-night bumping into staircases and swollen toes! Not only has it found its way to homes but also finds wide-scale use in commercial establishments, schools, universities, and outdoors. With professionals like Lutron Installers NYC and Lutron Dealers NJ, setting up smart lighting for homes and businesses has never been easier.

From Automated light control systems to Motorized Shades and Motorized Blinds, there are a host of options available to consider before your first investment in a smart home. For first time users getting a consultation, with trusted names like Lutron Installers CT and Lutron Dealers NJ, is always advisable. The initial costs might be intimidating for most but the benefits, which we shall discuss in detail in this article might make you want to think again.

Smart Lighting For Health


Smart Lights are no different than regular lights except they are automated. While a lot of scientific studies have pointed to the impact of lighting on mental and physical health, incorporating smart bulbs, motorized blinds and motorized shades help in achieving these simpler than you think.

-The Impact on Sleep

Researchers have pointed to the harmful impact of blue light and recommend reducing its exposure before bedtime. With Smart Lighting, one can switch to warmer tones like red and orange which, unlike blue, do not interfere with the hormone melatonin production which helps in regulating sleep.

-The Impact on Waking Up

Did you know that smart lights which can be programmed, for triggers such as switching off lights after a certain hour? The stress hormone, cortisol which is a natural alarm, needs a proper balance for a healthy lifestyle. For a good sleep cycle, using Motorized Shades and Motorized Blinds by brands like Lutron Shades NJ and Lutron Blinds NYC, one can control the timings of waking up.  Likewise, daylight simulators can be used to reduce sleep grogginess.

-The Impact on Safety and Security

Smart window coverings like Lutron Shades CT and Lutron Blinds NJ can act as deterrents for break-ins and robberies by giving the impression that your home is occupied even if you’re away. Through remote access to your home’s smart lighting, you can control this. The risks of falling and bumping into pieces of sharp furniture are also reduced in enabling smart lighting. Easy integration of motion-sensing features with smart lighting makes this an enviable choice for your smart home.

-The Impact on Emotions

Scientific studies point to the impact of light intensity on emotions. Mood lighting and reduced light intensity for different rooms during different times of the day is now possible through services of Lutron Dealers CT and Lutron Installers NYC.

-The Impact on Energy

Smart Blinds and Shades not only shut the light  but also block harmful UV rays and prevent heat loss. Handy benefits like this at the push of an app button or just a voice command is possible with experienced providers like Lutron Dealers CT and Lutron Installers NJ

Miscellaneous Smart Benefits

Saving Benefits

-By removing the manual task of switching off lights, and thereby controlling that from a remote device like a mobile, will make a significant improvement in monthly electricity bills. Using LED bulbs which are 90% more efficient than regular incandescent lights, ensures longevity and saves energy.

Elegance and Ambience

-Home Décor is enhanced with automated light control features. For points of immediate focus such as the dinner room spotlights and light strips behind a television, customization is possible across different rooms. For smart shades and blinds, neighbourhood brands like Lutron Installers NYC and Lutron Dealers CT also have different fabrics and materials, to choose from as per your home’s interiors.

Scaling up and Customizations

Smart Lighting systems can be scaled. From residential to luxury homes, commercial establishments, hotels, schools, universities and outdoor spaces, smart lightings can be deployed across public and private utilities efficiently. Nearest Lutron Installers NYC and Lutron Dealers NJ can automate this to provide solutions befitting each business.

Where to Buy

Upgrading to smart lighting for homes is not cheap. Your complete smart home ecosystem needs the right expertise and consultation to make this switch. With reliable services like those of Lutron Installers NJ and Lutron Dealers CT, there is safety and a guaranteed convenience in switching to Smart Homes. That goes a  long way in establishing the efficacy of Smart Lighting


Lutron Installers and Lutron Dealers of HDH Tech Service specialize in smart lighting systems for homes, businesses, and outdoors. With over 30 years of business experience,  they provide light automation and commercial shading solutions. To schedule a free consultation, they can be reached on 1 (855).848.9849. Lutron Dealer Gold certified,  HDH Tech Services is headquartered in New York and offers a comprehensive set of home automation system packages.